Santonio Holmes Should Have Been Penalized for Excessive Celebration

Kyle BanksContributor IIFebruary 5, 2009

Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes made an incredible game-winning touchdown catch late in Super Bowl XLIII this past Sunday night.

Holmes proceeded to imitate LeBron James’ pregame ritual of tossing rosin powder in the air.

Using the football as a prop in the NFL warrants a 15-yard excessive celebration penalty. How might this have changed the end of Super Bowl XLIII had the penalty been called?

The Steelers would have kicked from its 15-yard line instead of the 30-yard line. The Cardinals' final drive originally started on their own 23. Let’s say the kick return gets the Arizona to their own 38-yard line. This would have changed the Cardinals strategy down the stretch and possibly preserved a timeout late in the game.

The Holmes penalty would have also affected another questionable call by the officials. Kurt Warner’s fumble after being hit by Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley should have been reviewed.

Warner’s arm appears to be moving forward when the hit is made by Woodley. Further review by the officials might have reversed the call and given the Cardinals one more chance to score.

Super Bowl XLIII could have ended with a Kurt Warner heave to the end zone, and not a Ben Roethlisberger kneel down. The Steelers more than likely still would have won the game, but the Cardinals were denied another opportunity to try and win.

Many people will say that Arizona blew the game and should have made a stop on the Steelers’ final drive. I’m just saying what if the Holmes penalty was called and the Warner fumble got an official review?