Tom Brady Video: Watch Patriots QB Star in Hilarious Under Armour Commercial

Alex KayCorrespondent IMay 29, 2012

Tom Brady may be the quarterback of the New England Patriots and live in the Boston area for most of the year, but he spends much of his time in a new Funny or Die video stressing the fact that he’s from California.

The three-minute spot begins with Brady walking into a Los Angeles-area Dick’s Sporting Goods seeking assistance from an employee on the location of Under Armour Coldblack golf gear.

After that quick bit of advertising, the video spirals into pure hilarity and nonsense.

The bespectacled employee seems to be bewildered that Brady has a Boston accent, even though we can clearly hear that he is speaking without one. The best part is that he has absolutely no idea that he is speaking to a three-time Super Bowl-winning QB.

Brady begins to grow increasingly frustrated when the young man continues to taunt his “accent” and talks about how he loves “Mahky Mahk and the Funkay Bunch” and the band “Bahstan.”

Tourists then begin joining the fray.

An Asian man finds it hilarious that he flew in from Beantown, even though Brady at first thinks he just recognizes him as a football player.

Then two more jump in and start taking pictures with Brady, with one calling his accent “ri-dic-u-lous” in a Southern twang and his wife believing him first to be Matt Damon, but then they conclude that he’s Ben Affleck—two of the more famous actors from Boston.

The video culminates with Brady absolutely flipping out and losing his cool upon being offered baked beans.

"I'm not from Boston! I'm from California!" Brady begins screaming. "I'm a native Californian! I went to Michigan, now I play for New England! I'm a (bleeping) quarterback, you moron!" 

An awkward silence sets in between Brady, the tourists and the employee before the heckler notices that the man in front of him looks similar to the cardboard cutout of Brady.

Tom, clearly frustrated, takes a quick look and says, “Him?” before karate chopping it to the ground and declaring, “I AM THE GUY ON THE STANDEE!”

The employee mocks his nonexistent accent once again, and Brady finally just pushes the kid over and storms off to the horrified tourist yelling, “Matt Damon, shame on you!”

This video is absolute comedy gold, and it’s likely to go viral sooner than later. Make sure you watch it, as you will not be disappointed by Brady’s excellent comedic timing and the ridiculous premise.