2013 NFL Draft Prospects: My Interview with Aaron Mellette of Elon University

Colan Lamont@clamontsportAnalyst IIMay 29, 2012

Aaron Mellette is a wide receiver who plays for Elon University.

Mellette will be a senior when the season starts and he is already receiving much praise.

Despite being a small-school prospect, the former basketball standout is getting noticed.

Dane Brugler of NFLDRAFTSCOUT.com states that, "Despite not facing elite defences each week NFL teams and pro scouts are well aware of Mellette and his remarkable production."

The 'remarkable production' that Dane Brugler speaks about surrounds his 1639 yard 2011 season, in which he had 12 touchdowns and a 14.5 per reception average.

Mellette shows up well against bigger competition—he had 180 yards and a touchdown against Vanderbilt last season.

He also matched up directly against Green Bay Packers 2012 second round pick, Casey Hayward, and dominated.

The 6'4", 214 lbs. receiver is already ranked as the third best senior wide receiver prospect for the 2013 draft according to NFLDRAFTSCOUT.

Aaron was nice enough to do a interview with me and I hope you enjoy it.


CL: What is the main thing you have been working on in preparation for your senior season?

AM: Route running is one of the main things I've been focusing on. I feel like my route running has to be even better this year in order to get open just as much as last year.

CL: How are you going to deal with all the extra attention this year, both from defenses and scouts/media?

AM: With the defenses, I'm just going to be patient throughout the game and leave it to my Offensive Coordinator to put me in the right positions in order to get the ball. And with the media and scouts, I'm not going to be bothered by it too much. I'm going to just enjoy my senior season and have fun like I always do.

CL: Do you think that you can beat the 1639 receiving yards total from last season?

AM: Beating 1639 receiving yards would be great. My goal is to pass that mark, so for now yes, I feel like I can break that mark.

CL: North Carolina is probably the best team you will face this upcoming season. Just as you made a statement against a big team in Vanderbilt last year, do you feel the need to prove yourself against big competition again?

AM: Yes I do. The fact that it is UNC doesn't change things for me. I want to prove myself against every team I face, but since it is an FBS school, that just adds more motivation for me to go out and try to dominate.

CL: Do you feel more or less pressure because you are a small-school prospect?

AM: There's a little more pressure because I know I have to play great every game if I want a chance at the NFL, but I'm just going to enjoy each game and be myself.

CL: Can you tell us any keys to the wide receiver position that may not be obvious to casual fans of the game?

AM: Just how much preparation goes into each game week. From learning the defense's schemes to focusing on what certain players like to do and how they tip their coverage.

CL: How does your basketball background assist you on the football field?

AM: Basketball helps display my ability to jump and catch the ball at the highest point.

CL: What do you see as your biggest strength?

AM: Making the tough catch. I pride myself on coming up big during critical points of the game and not shying away from the moment.

CL: Chad Nkang was the last Elon player to be drafted back in 2007. Which round do you feel you should be selected in the 2013 NFL Draft? Could you be the first Elon player since Rich McGeorge in 1970 to go in the first round?

AM: Every player's dream is to be selected in the first round, but for me it doesn't matter which round I would get drafted in. I just want the opportunity to play in the NFL.

CL: Who is the toughest cornerback you have come up against?

AM: Ryan Steed. He was a competitor and physical corner. So whenever I matched up against him, I made sure to bring my 'A' game because I knew I was going to get his best shot

CL: Which NFL team do you support?

AM: Dallas Cowboys fan.

CL: Which current or former NFL player do you admire most?

AM: I was a huge T.O/ Randy Moss fan for the longest time. Calvin Johnson has been my favorite receiver since he entered the league. I wanted to be just like him since I first saw one of his college games.

CL: What are your expectations for next season with Elon University?

AM: The playoffs are my number one goal. A conference championship would be great to have after next season, but a playoff berth is all I'm thinking right now.


A big thanks to Aaron Mellette for doing the interview and to Chris Rash for setting it up. Also want to say thanks to those who gave me some tips on questions they would like to see answered by Aaron.