MLB Draft 2012: 15 Most Impressive Prospect Highlight Videos on YouTube

Dan TylickiAnalyst IMay 30, 2012

MLB Draft 2012: 15 Most Impressive Prospect Highlight Videos on YouTube

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    The 2012 MLB draft is just a few short days away.

    Scouts have been keeping a close eye on high school and college players this entire season.

    As for us, who aren't actually at the games watching these players, at least there's YouTube. Baseball players don't seem to use this as much as football players do, but if you know where to look, there are some great highlight reels out there.

    Here are 15 such videos that may very well help prospects in the draft.

15. Adrian DeMar

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    This one's first because the quality of the video is not good. Perhaps fittingly, the only part where I can clearly see what's going on is Adrian DeMar on the mound.

    Despite the quality, his pitching shows a solid arm and it helps that the reel is in a game situation, unlike many highlight reels out there. He's a senior, so I would have hoped for something a bit better since this is the big year for him.

14. Ty Hensley

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    Oklahoma's Ty Hensley is a projected first-round draft pick whose velocity is great for a high schooler.

    The Santa Fe High School veteran is shown already hitting 94-95 mph with his pitches. While the highlight reel itself isn't all that impressive—with him simply striking out a few hitters—all is takes is a number like that to get scouts' attention.

13. Tim Holmes

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    You would expect most highlight reels to have music and showcase a bunch of different aspects of one's game. Tim Holmes has one that, while effective, is about as bare bones as you can get.

    It's simply a pitching reel, but it does show off his arsenal. It could help him go in the first three rounds since his stuff looks good for a high schooler.

12. Stryker Trahan

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    You would think that a catcher would be able to have some of the top highlight reels on YouTube given that he can show off a strong arm from behind the plate on top of everything else.

    The only one that really got my attention, though, is projected first-round pick Stryker Trahan. His hitting is great—better than many others on this list. His throws to second are good to watch, as they are accurate enough to be impressive.

11. Tyler Beede

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    As much as I've loved discussing Vanderbilt's YouTube reel in the past, the two Vandy prospects in this slideshow have videos taken elsewhere.

    Tyler Beede is best known as the only first-round pick last year not to sign, which will hurt his stock. Still, here he shows off his pitching against other top talent and is able to confuse them. Yes, they weren't drafted in the first rounds, but it's still impressive nonetheless.

10. Cordell Greene

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    This one was tough to rank compared to the others. It feels a lot more like an official video scouting report. It's flashy, everything is noted and it's extremely well done.

    On the other hand, we don't get a huge semblance of what he can do on the mound. Even though he's listed as a 2012 draft prospect, he played sparingly in 2011 and I can't find a record of him playing at Washington this past season.

    If he has any shot in the draft, it would be thanks to a video like this.

9. Lucas Giolito

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    Lucas Giolito is a projected first-round prospect. The highlight reel I found of him is rather status quo, but it's still a solid showcase of his skill level.

    The video shows him in a game situation pitching well and his arm looks great in the video. The net is a bit distracting, but you can get a generally good idea of what he can do here.

8. Victor Roache

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    The first YouTube video that comes up of Victor Roache, while of good quality, doesn't actually show anything to help scouts.

    This one, however, showcases the 2012 Cape Cod League Player of the Year at his best. Even though it's just batting practice, he shows good plate discipline and great power at the plate. It's why he is projected as a first-round pick.

7. Rhett Wiseman

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    One thing to remember about the MLB draft is that it's not just MLB teams competing for these players. Rhett Wiseman has a commitment to Vanderbilt, but his highlight reel may end up helping his draft stock.

    I'm big on game footage that shows all aspects of a player's game, which is precisely what this does. Hitting, fielding, baserunning; it shows it all.

6. Jeff Gelalich

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    While this is yet another video of a position player that just focuses on hitting, this is one that does that really well.

    UCLA outfielder Jeff Gelalich shows good baserunning and the ability to hit well-placed line drives.

5. Jose Orlando Berrios

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    If there was a way to combine two videos on here, Jose Orlando Berrios might be at the top. The Under Armour video gives a good look at his pitching on the mound in a game situation, but looks solely at that.

    This, however, only shows him pitching sparingly. I'm normally against that, but by doing the workout and strength route, it shows off his athleticism on top of his pitching. Combine the two and you have someone who should be drafted very high.

4. Byron Buxton

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    There wasn't really a clear No. 1 player in the 2012 MLB draft, but after watching this reel of Byron Buxton, who was one of the front-runners, I'm fine considering him the top pick.

    His hitting is very good and he displays good power, but what gets me is his fielding. He's making major league throws already and that's not something you can just teach.

3. Anthony Gomez

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    The second of two Vanderbilt players, Anthony Gomez, like Tyler Beede, was All-SEC this past season, but it's earlier clips that showcase the talent he has.

    The video primarily shows off his bat, While I'm not the biggest fan of slowdowns in videos, it does give us a better look at his form and shows perhaps a better draft candidate. Given that he's an infielder, I would have liked to see some fielding.

2. Lance McCullers Jr.

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    It's not often that a highlight reel shows off a player's great pitching, hitting and fielding. Anyone who has that kind of all-around talent would certainly want it out there for scouts to see.

    Lance McCullers Jr. is projected to go in the first 15 picks and taking a look at this highlight reel it's easy to see why. He has great command of his pitches and can really hit the ball. The fielding could have used a web gem or two to get the top spot, however.

1. Gavin Cecchini

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    As I was looking through highlight reels, it was difficult to find a No. 1. We may all go after ESPN at times, but their feed is what provided a fairly clear top player. It helps that he's a projected first-rounder.

    Shortstop Gavin Cecchini shows clear power on the bat here, but more importantly shows off some great fielding moves. Being able to look like a pro is a huge thing on these videos and Cecchini passes that mark.

    The only question that remains is whether he signs with the team that picks him or he heads to college.