Heat vs. Celtics: LeBron James Taunts Kevin Garnett With, 'Yeah!'

Ethan Sherwood StraussNBA Lead WriterMay 29, 2012

Kevin Garnett is one of the best basketball players to ever grace this planet, and "grace" especially fits because his game has long been an aesthetic marvel.

He's a diligent worker, and a model teammate. He's also relentlessly annoying on the floor. 

So it's no surprise to see LeBron James jab back at one of the league's most scathing talkers. With the game going Miami's way, after absorbing a KG foul, LeBron hands the ball across Garnett's body to the awaiting ref—as though KG isn't even there. 

But unlike Garnett so often does, James does not unleash a torrent of triumphant expletives. Instead, he merely keeps shouting, "Yeaaah. Yeaaaaah..." like a tone-deaf man, singing along to that Usher/Ludacris song from the early 2000's. It could mean nothing, but the message in that moment seems to be, "I'm enjoying this, you don't matter anymore."