Manchester City Transfer Rumours: 8 Players Who Should Not Return Next Season

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIMay 29, 2012

Manchester City Transfer Rumours: 8 Players Who Should Not Return Next Season

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    Manchester City is bound to offload some of its squad next season and there are number of players who should leave.

    With UEFA Financial Fair Play rules soon to be implemented, City needs to cut down on expenses as soon as it can.

    While there are certainly some obvious choices for selection, there are one or two players who may just have to move for their own benefit.

    Some of these players have been linked to moves and others have not.

    Here are eight players who should not return to Manchester City next season.

Emmanuel Adebayor

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    Emmanuel Adebayor has spent the last season-and-a-half at loan, with spells at Real Madrid and Tottenham.

    The Guardian has reported on his desire to stay with Tottenham, and according to, he is in talks with the club.

    Adebayor certainly would not get playing time ahead of the likes of Mario Balotelli, Sergio Aguero or Edin Dzeko if he stays.

    He has no more future at the club and seems to have found a new home in North London.

Roque Santa Cruz

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    Since joining Manchester City, Roque Santa Cruz has had a similar career path to Emmanuel Adebayor. Both played their part in the 2009/10 season but were loaned out from midway through the 2010/11 season until this point.

    As reported by, Santa Cruz is also looking to stay at Real Betis, the club with whom he spent all of last season.

    At 30 years old Cruz needs the playing time and, like many other players on this list, he is highly unlikely to get it at Manchester City.

Carlos Tevez

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    Before coming to Manchester City, Carlos Tevez had yet to spend three years at a club throughout his career. He will hit that mark if he stays at the club beyond August this year.

    Tevez may have more of a chance at playing time than the aforementioned two forwards but he should leave the club so that he won't be a dressing-room distraction anymore.

    City did win the title in the end and Tevez played his part, but who is to say that something will not prompt another episode from the Argentinian.

    AC Milan was linked to the player in the January transfer window and the Metro recently reported that the club has renewed its interest for the summer.

    City should take them up on whatever Milan offers in order to offload a player they certainly won't have any problem replacing him.

Adam Johnson

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    Adam Johnson's decision to join Manchester City wasn't exactly bad for the player, but it has not been extremely good either.

    While he has made a good amount of appearances in each season with the club, he has constantly found himself placed behind less-orthodox wingers.

    Johnson would certainly find himself a more valuable player at some of England's other top clubs. Liverpool has been linked with the player and he would do well to join a club that would give him maximum playing time and further enhance his career.

Vladimir Weiss

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    Vladimir Weiss has spent virtually every season as a Manchester City player away on loan. He's gotten a pretty decent amount of playing time at Bolton Wanderers, Rangers and Espanyol.

    The youngster will find it hard to break into the City squad while it continues to look for finished articles, so it would be better for his career to find a permanent place elsewhere.

    There haven't been any rumours of a move in recent times, but a player at his age (22) and with his potential should see some interest in the summer.

Nigel De Jong

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    Nigel de Jong's role at the club was noticeably diminished this season and, despite his reputation, a player with his quality may look to move elsewhere for more playing time.

    The Mirror reported on Inter's interest in the midfielder earlier this year. De Jong may have to choose between his new role at the club and being a more integral part of a team elsewhere; if that is a team like Inter, a transfer wouldn't be the worst thing.

Kolo Toure

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    Kolo Toure's playing time at Manchester City has decreased each year through a mixture of injuries and being displaced by other players.

    While other teams could do with a player of his experience, City fared pretty well without the Ivorian this season. The club's reported interest in players like Thiago Silva and Javi Martinez would mean Toure goes further down the pecking order.

    Toure has been linked to both Anzhi Makhachkala and Paris Saint-Germain in the past.

Wayne Bridge

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    We started with an obvious departure in the form of Emmanuel Adebayor and we'll end with one in Wayne Bridge.

    Bridge has no future at the club, and while there haven't been any rumours recently, with his experience he should find a new home with no problem.