New York Knicks: 7 Things Knickerbockers Must Do to Build on 2011-12

Devin Noonan@@devinnoonanCorrespondent IIIMay 29, 2012

New York Knicks: 7 Things Knickerbockers Must Do to Build on 2011-12

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    The New York Knicks look to take the NBA by storm in 2012-13. Superstars Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Tyson Chandler form a promising foundation for GM Glen Grunwald to build on.

    With the recent extension of interim head coach Mike Woodson, it's now time to figure out the rest of the missing pieces to the puzzle in New York.

    Here are seven things that need to happen this offseason for the New York Knicks to have a chance at bringing home an NBA Championship.

Long Live Linsanity!

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    Jeremy Lin may not be the answer to the New York Knicks' problems, but he's certainly a good place to start.

    How can anyone forget his shocking yet stellar performance which turned this past season around? Keep in mind, he did it without Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire.

    Despite excessive turnovers and poor defense at times last season, Jeremy Lin will get better. He has the ability to be an X-Factor in any game, at any point.

Sign Landry Fields and Steve Novak

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    Steve Novak has one of the nicest strokes in the NBA from beyond the arc, no one can argue with that. The New York Knicks would be foolish not to bring him back again next season.

    Landry Fields provides quality defense, the ability to score, and some much needed energy that could certainly help light a fire under this star-studded team.

Let Mike Woodson Coach

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    Mike Woodson was the right choice for right now, despite many people's desires to bring in a big name coach like Phil Jackson.

    Hard-nose defense and hustle were the two major components lacking this past season, two things that Mike Woodson stresses with his style of coaching.

Say Goodbye to J.R. Smith and Mike Bibby

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    J.R. Smith can still shoot, but his attitude and defense can prove to be troublesome, especially when trying to build a championship team.

    Mike Bibby is washed up, plain and simple. He may be able to still contribute in a bench role somewhere, but he's certainly not what the New York Knicks are looking for.

Find a Free Agent Point Guard

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    In a perfect world, the New York Knicks would sign Deron Williams and be set for the next ten years. Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely without dumping Amar'e Stoudemire or Carmelo Anthony to clear cap space.

    Luckily for the New York Knicks, there are plenty of other big name free agents available this offseason.

    Some older yet well-suited options include Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, or Jason Terry.

    Assuming management wants to go a bit younger, players with a long-range shot and veteran experience such as Jameer Nelson, Mo Williams, or Raymond Felton could also prove to be excellent options.

Add Help Down Low

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    Defensive Player of the Year Tyson Chandler can do a lot, but he can't do it all by himself.

    The New York Knicks need to turn to free agency once more and invest in a big center or power forward who can provide aid to Tyson Chandler's dominance under the hoop.

Develop Team Chemistry

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    With the NBA Lockout and shortened season in 2011-12, many teams struggled to develop early on.

    The New York Knicks will now have the time they need to not only acquire key players, but help their entire team find an identity and learn how to play together.

    There are too many talented players on their roster to not find a way to succeed.