Washington Football: Best Games in History at Husky Stadium

Alex Crawford@@dr_crawfContributor IIIMay 29, 2012

Washington Football: Best Games in History at Husky Stadium

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    The University of Washington's Husky Stadium is very underrated when it comes to the world of stadiums, even in its own conference.

    The Rose Bowl and the Coliseum get all the respect, but Husky Stadium is home to the loudest recorded decibel level at a college football game and is one of the few places where a fan can actually take a boat to the game.

    Not to mention, it is the biggest stadium in the Pacific Northwest, even bigger than Century-Link Field, where the Seattle Seahawks play.

    Built in 1920, Husky Stadium is a historic arena home to thrilling games and amazing views of Mt. Rainier and Lake Washington.

    This is a list of the greatest games in the venerable Husky Stadium's history.

2000 University of Washington vs. Oregon State

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    Washington 33, Oregon State 30

    Although it was played early in the season, October 7, to be exact, this game had big implications for both teams.  

    Coming into the game, UW was ranked 13th and had just lost their first game of the season down in Eugene to the Oregon Ducks.

    Oregon State was ranked 23rd and had won their first four games of the season for an undefeated record.

    The Huskies won the game 33-30 on an Oregon State missed field goal with 14 seconds left.

    The Huskies would go on to win their next seven games, including a win over Purdue in the Rose Bowl and a final ranking of No. 3.

    Coincidentally, this game would be the only one that Oregon State lost on the year.  They ended up with a win over Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl and a No. 4 ranking.

    It was this game that determined the course of Pac-10 football in 2000.

2009 University of Washington vs. University of Arizona

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    Washington 36, Arizona 33

    First of all, any game that has been given a nickname has to be in a stadium's or team's greatest games. That's just a fact of life.

    This particular game has been dubbed "The Immaculate Interception" because of, you guessed it, a key interception that decided the game.

    The Huskies were down by 12 with just over four minutes left when Jake Locker led them down the field to cut the Wildcats' lead to five.

    Although Locker accounted for four Husky touchdowns in the game, it was Washington's defense that won it for them.

    With just under four minutes left, a Nick Foles pass was deflected off an Arizona player's foot and into the hands of Husky linebacker Mason Foster, hence the nickname.

1990 University of Washington vs. USC

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    Washington 31, USC 0

    USC entered Husky Stadium as double-digit favorites on September 22 and left confused, beaten and out-gained by 247 yards.

    The Huskies broken the Trojans' streak of 20 consecutive wins against conference opponents and took away their chances of a Rose Bowl trip.

    Trojan quarterback Todd Marinovich said famously after the game, "I just saw purple. That's all. No numbers, no faces, just purple."

    The Huskies would go on to defeat Iowa in the Rose Bowl.

2001 University of Washington vs. Washington State

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    University of Washington 26, Washington State 14

    This is the first of many Apple Cups that will make this list.

    Although the Huskies did win by double digits, their win prevented the rival Cougars from winning the Pac-10 title and going to a BCS game.

    You know that Huskies' fans will rub this game in the face of Washington State fans for all of eternity (or at least until Washington State starts being successful again).

2009 University of Washington vs. USC

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    University of Washington 16, USC 13

    There is nothing better in sports than a last-minute, underdog victory.  This game was exactly that.

    Arguably the biggest upset in University of Washington history, the Huskies snapped the No. 3 Trojans' eight-game winning streak and 12-game conference winning streak.

    In dramatic fashion, the Huskies won on a last-second field goal by Erik Folk.

    The only reason this game wasn't higher on the list is because USC was playing without Matt Barkley.

2000 University of Washington vs. Miami

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    University of Washington 34, Miami 29

    Led by the play of quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo, the Huskies ruined any chances of No. 4 Miami making it to the national championship game.

    As stated in a previous slide, this win proved to be big for the Huskies as they would only lose one game all season and win the Rose Bowl.

    Also, anytime a school upsets an out-of-conference foe with a reputation like Miami's, it is definitely one of the better wins in program history. 

1992 University of Washington vs. Nebraska

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    University of Washington 28, Nebraska 14

    In the first night game in Husky Stadium history, No. 2-ranked Washington defeated the No. 12 Cornhuskers to move up in the polls and be the No. 1 team in the nation.

    This was one of the greatest games in Husky Stadium history because it was its first night game, it led to a No. 1 ranking for the Huskies and it is the loudest college football game on record.

    Yes, that's right, according to ESPN, the noise inside the stadium was measured at 130 decibels. 

1981 University of Washington vs. Washington State

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    University of Washington 23, Washington State 10

    The Cougars came into this game one win away from their first trip to the Rose Bowl since 1931.

    The Huskies had Rose Bowl hopes of their own, needing to upset the Cougs and needing USC to upset UCLA down in their rivalry game.

    Huskies fans got exactly what they wished for on November 21, 1981.

    When UW was up 20-10 late in the fourth quarter, it was announced that USC had upset the Bruins and that, barring a full-blown miracle, the Huskies would be going to the Rose Bowl.

    There is nothing sweeter, as a sports fan, than denying your rival a chance at greatness.

    While the game may not have been that exciting, I can only imagine how good it must have felt to be a Husky fan in the stands on that day.

1975 University of Washington vs. Washington State

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    Having back-to-back Apple Cup games for Nos. 1 and 2 just goes to show the bias I have towards rivalry games.

    Rivalry games make college football what it is.  The excitement, the agony, the year-long bragging rights.

    This game had all the stops.

    The Cougars were leading by 27-14 with 3:01 remaining in the game when Al Burleson of the Huskies ran an interception back 93 yards to cut the Cougars' lead to six.

    The Huskies then pulled off the miracle when future Hall of Famer Warren Moon completed a 78-yard pass that was tipped into the hands of Spider Gaines for the touchdown.

    Rivalry game.  Miraculous comeback. Pick six.  Tipped-pass game-winning touchdown.

    You can't beat it.