2012 Stanley Cup Finals: Stanley Cup Finals Drinking Game

Isaac SmithAnalyst IMay 29, 2012

2012 Stanley Cup Finals: Stanley Cup Finals Drinking Game

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    NHL players often drink out of the Stanley Cup after winning it. But for the rest of us that don't get to drink out of the Cup, we might as well grab a cold one, sit back and enjoy the games.

    Now, while there are many memorable moments in the finals, playing a drinking game to pass the time never hurt anyone.

    Here are 10 phrases or comments to drink to while watching the Stanley Cup Finals this year.

1. Drink Once If...

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    Drink once if the NBC crew talks about how this might be Martin Brodeur's last chance to win a Stanley Cup.

    (Bonus drink if they talk about him possibly retiring after this season)

    We all know that Brodeur isn't going to be playing much longer, but the number of times that Brodeur's retirement comes up is ridiculous.

2. Drink Twice If...

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    Drink twice if the NBC crew talks about the Kings struggles on the power play (8.1 percent) or the Devils struggles on the penalty kill (74.2 percent).

    Alright, clearly the Kings and Devils have struggled on the power play and penalty kill respectively, but they're still playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    Don't forget to put things in context when breaking down statistics.

3. Drink Three Times If...

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    Take three drinks if Pierre McGuire or any other NBC crew member brings up the chemistry between Mike Richards and Jeff Carter.

    Jeff Carter was traded to the Kings before this season's trade deadline for Jack Johnson and a first round pick.

    Carter and Richards were on the same team in Philadelphia during the 2010-11 season, but due to restructuring by Philadelphia GM Paul Holmgren, they were moved out to Columbus and Los Angeles respectively.

4, Drink Three Times If...

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    Drink three times if the NBC crew talks about the Devils cap hit situation.

    The Devils will have to deal with 11 free agents and one restricted free agent this offseason.

    They have 22 million dollars in cap space (according to CapGeek.com).

    If you do the math, the Devils likely don't have enough to resign all-star goaltender Martin Brodeur, star free agent left wing Zach Parise and then fill the rest of their roster spots.

    This one will come up frequently.

5. Finish Your Drinks If...

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    Finish your drinks if any team scores.

    Plain and simple.

    "I'll drink to that."

6. Drink Twice If...

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    Drink twice if the NBC crew makes mention to the fact that the Los Angeles Kings have not lost on the road in the playoffs this season.

    Bonus drink if any mention is made to this LA Kings team being arguably the greatest "Cinderella story" or "unlikely team" to end up in the Finals.

7. Finish Your Drinks If...

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    Finish your drinks if there is any mention of a player being a "Conn Smythe candidate" and then the player goes out and commits a monumental gaffe later in the period or game.

    If you watch hockey, you know who is up for the Conn Smythe Trophy after three rounds of hockey. If said player essentially gives the game away, they give away the Conn Smythe in a certain way as well.

    Any of these Conn Smythe candidates can mess up at any moment. If they do happen to mess up, they go from potential Conn Smythe to playoff goat almost instantly.

8. Finish Your Drinks If...

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    Finish your drinks if the game goes into overtime.

    Bonus drink for each overtime period.

    Double drinks on an overtime winner.

    Fans love overtime in the playoffs.

    The fact that so much is riding on each shift and shot on goal in overtime is one of the biggest moments in all of sports.

    Might as well spruce up the intensity with some drinks to correspond with the overtime excitement.

9. The Pierre McGuire Drinking Game

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    Pierre McGuire has become a staple in the NHL broadcasting world.

    Often assigned a spot in between benches, Pierre keeps it real and chimes in during broadcasts as he sees fit.

    Conveniently (or unfortunately, depending on whether or not you like him), there is a drinking game in his honor.

    McGuire has quite a few little sayings, and if this list wasn't enough for you, "hockeyfights.com" has been courteous enough to provide us with a "Pierre McGuire Drinking Game."

    Disclaimer: I do not own the Pierre McGuire Drinking Game, I take no credit for creating it, but it is very amusing once you get to see it in action.

    Use this game sparingly, as the prior ideas in this slide show should be enough, at least for the first couple games of this series.


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