Jason Mayhem Miller Retires: Decision Hardly Surprising After UFC Release

Josh Martin@@JoshMartinNBANBA Lead WriterMay 28, 2012

Peace out, Mayhem! (Photo Credit: Cage Today)
Peace out, Mayhem! (Photo Credit: Cage Today)

Jason Miller's career as a mixed martial artist is apparently over. And really, is anyone surprised?

Better yet, does anyone actually care?

According to MMA reporter Jason Floyd, "Mayhem" announced his retirement on Monday from the sport during an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour:

Jason "Mayhem" Miller is currently on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and he says he is retired #MMA

— Jason Floyd (@Jason_Floyd) May 28, 2012


The news comes as anything but a shock in light of Miller's release from the UFC on Sunday. He and UFC president Dana White shared something of a contentious relationship, the severity of which was only exacerbated by Miller's mediocre showing against C.B. Dolloway at UFC 146 on Saturday and an incident backstage that apparently ruffled White's feathers.

What's more, Mayhem Miller came into Saturday's action with what appeared to be an injured knee—which only seemed to worsen during the fight. His reckless (and feckless) charges into Dolloway certainly didn't help in any regard, and may have actually compounded the effects of the injury to drive Miller into retirement.  

It was the only logical conclusion to what's been a string of strange (and rather irrational) events between Miller and the UFC. Miller's first stint on the circuit lasted all of one bout, with a loss to Georges St-Pierre leaving the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist to scrounge his way back to the top. That journey included inciting a brawl involving Jake Shields and the Diaz brothers at a Strikeforce event in Nashville in April of 2010. 

He eventually returned to the Zuffa umbrella in 2011 as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter, but suffered a TKO in the finale against Michael Bisping.

The loss to Dolloway dropped Miller to 0-3 all-time in UFC fights at the age of 31, with a bum knee and no contract to boot. Clearly, Miller's MMA career wasn't going anywhere.

As such, it was high time for Miller to call it quits in the Octagon, to which Dana White and the rest of the UFC might offer a "goodbye."

So long as its accompanied by a "good riddance."