BCS National Championship: CFB Guru Phil Steele Picks Florida State to Win All

ABCCorrespondent IMay 28, 2012

Phil Steele, the famed college football prognosticator, has picked Florida State University to win the 2012-2013 BCS National Championship.

His website hasn’t released all his final rankings yet, but his magazine is out at bookstores now.

He has Florida State playing Oklahoma in Miami for the BCS National Championship. His projections have Florida State going a perfect 12-0 in the regular season, winning the ACC Title game against Virginia Tech and winning the BCS title game against the Sooners.

He believes that FSU has the best defensive line in the country—he even says that its second-string defensive line is a top-10 unit—and believes that FSU has the best overall defense in the country.

He sees 2012 being a season very much like 2011, with defense determining what team will raise the crystal ball.

Florida State is atop not only his preseason top 40 poll, which is how he thinks the final rankings will look, but also atop his power rankings, which is his list of the best teams in the country. LSU came in at number two.

The game against Oklahoma would be a greatly anticipated rematch for Florida State. It has lost three straight times to the Sooners, with the most recent loss coming just last year. Oklahoma also beat the Seminoles the year before and for the BCS title in 2001’s Orange Bowl. FSU last won a title in the 2000 Sugar Bowl, when Chris Weinke led the Seminoles to a 46-29 victory over the Hokies of Virginia Tech.

In his 2011 preseason magazine, Phil Steele accurately picked Alabama to win the 2011 BCS championship.