UFC 146 Results: Was Junior Dos Santos Right About Frank Mir?

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent IMay 28, 2012

LONDON - JULY 13:  Frank Mir of the USA gets treament after he fights with Ian Freeman of Great Britain and loses during the Ultimate Fighting Championship, 'Brawl in the Royal Albert Hall', in the Royal Albert Hall London, England on July 13, 2002. (Photo by Mike Hewitt / Getty Images)
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Junior dos Santos has repeatedly proved his skills inside the Octagon, but now he is adding a new talent to his repertoire: fortune telling.  

In the lead up to his UFC 146 title-defense against Frank Mir, dos Santos raised some eyebrows with comments regarding Frank Mir's heart and determination.  

In a dinner conversation with friends that aired on UFC Primetime, dos Santos was heard saying that Frank Mir is "not a man" and "can't get through rough spots."  After making these comments, dos Santos vowed to make Mir prove his resolve and fighting spirit during their fight.

The champ imposed his will as predicted and, as he expected, Mir gave up, just as he has in the past when the going gets rough.  

Each of Frank Mir's six career losses has come via TKO, but in none of these fights was Mir truly unconscious, down and out.  

Losing to heavy-hitters like Brock Lesnar, Shane Carwin and Junior dos Santos is nothing to be ashamed of, but the way he lost these fights is, however, despicable.  

After eating hard shots, Mir will inevitably fall awkwardly to the canvas and either cinch up a submission (as he did against Nogueira) or turtle up until the referee saves him from further damage.  

He is not truly hurt in these instances; he just wants to be done.

If you watch the sport enough, you can tell when somebody is legitimately out of it or when somebody is merely quitting on themselves, and Mir falls into the latter category in his TKO defeats. 

As I mentioned, getting hit by huge, powerful heavyweights cannot be fun, and I don not necessarily blame him for wanting to GTFO.  

I do blame him, however, for trying to dupe us into thinking he is hurt and has nothing left to give in his fights. In this sense, he is robbing us of potential classic fights.  

Frank Mir is one of the most dangerous heavyweights of all time, and we rarely got to see his skills fully applied in the UFC Octagon because of his quitting spirit.  

Because of this, I think dos Santos was right to call out Frank Mir's heart, and he proved why he did so at UFC 146.  

Thanks to Mir's unwillingness to fight through pain and adversity inside the Octagon, dos Santos played the part of Miss Cleo before his title defense, proving that his talents go beyond his exceptional fighting skills.  

Personally, I was on board with dos Santos' comments before the Mir fight, but if you needed any further convincing, you should not now.  

Mir gives up when he is not in control, and because of that, he will never be the champ again.