UFC 146 Results: Why Dos Santos vs Velasquez II Would Be Perfect for FOX

Matt Juul@@MattchidaMMAContributor IIIMay 28, 2012

UFC 146 Results: Why Dos Santos vs Velasquez II Would Be Perfect for FOX

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    UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos and former champ Cain Velasquez proved last Saturday that they are the baddest men in the heavyweight division.

    Velasquez dominated Antonio Silva to earn himself a bloody first-round stoppage as well as a possible future date with Dos Santos, who steamrolled former champ Frank Mir.

    This future bout has all the tools necessary for an epic rematch, a perfect fit for a return to FOX.

    Here's why Dos Santos vs. Velasquez II needs to be aired on prime time once again.

No FOX Jitters

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    In their first bout, Dos Santos and then-champ Velasquez had a lot of pressure on them.

    Not only was there a huge heavyweight title fight looming over their heads, but this historic matchup would also be the first UFC fight to air on FOX as a part of their seven-year deal.

    With all the hype that surrounded this battle, it only took a little over 60 seconds for the match to end. While not the war that fans were expecting, a second go-around for Dos Santos and Velasquez should be a more exciting affair, as they will no longer have the pressure of being the UFC's first fight on FOX.

Casual Fans Know the Storyline

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    As far as marketing is concerned, there's literally no bigger fight that the UFC could put on FOX.

    Casual fans who followed the first bout will be eager to see a rematch, as they already know the storyline from the first bout and do not need to be educated with what seemed like hours of hype and promo of the first fight.

Heavyweights, Title Fights Sell

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    If the recent Strikeforce Grand Prix finale and UFC 146 are any indication, fans love to see heavyweights, and they love title fights.

    Pitting the top two heavyweights against each other in a championship bout on network TV would be an easy sell and will definitely draw huge numbers.

Epic Rematch

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    Combat sports like MMA don't have the luxury of creating rivalries by playing drawn-out series like football or baseball. But what they do have is the draw of the epic rematch.

    Time and time again, big-name fights have turned into legendary rivalries because of the bad blood and epic battles created through rematches.

    You can't find a bigger fight than a rematch between Dos Santos vs. Velasquez.

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