The St. Louis Rams of Anaheim

Bill GordonContributor IFebruary 5, 2009

My brother and I are long time Ram fans. We were talking about how much we missed having the team in our backyard at Angel stadium and how we could not root for another team even if they moved to Anaheim, as long as the Rams were in the NFL.

I really started thinking when he asked me one question... "If the Rams for the 2009 season came out and said they are changing their name to the St. Louis Explorers or anything else beside the Rams, would you still root for that team?"

I had to think and started to laugh, because the answer was "no." I root for the team  because they are the Rams.

Upon that thought, the Browns had it right: If the team moves, change the name and leave the Browns name dead in your city until it is able to be revived.

If the Rams did that when they moved to St. Louis, I would probably be able to root for another team by now, and at the ED, you wouldn't have to have Erick Dickerson's name on the ring of honor. You would have Dierdorf and all of the St. Louis Cardinals because the Rams would have changed their name to the Cardinals upon the move to St. Louis.

That name would have been sitting in the city ever since Bidwell moved to Arizona, he would of had to pick a new name and new uniforms. Just think about it...and if you really think about it, I would be rooting for the Cleveland Rams or the Hollywood Bulldogs (if LA got a team) and the Cardinals would belong to the Windy city of Chicago.

By the way...I was sober when this discussion happened.