Raiders Reportedly Bring Back Cable

Joey LucaniaContributor IFebruary 5, 2009

According to NFL Network, the Raiders are set to bring Tom Cable back as the Raiders' head coach. After one of the other candidates for the vacant head coaching position was informed that the Raiders intended to hire Cable, NFL Network reported Wednesday that the Raiders had signed Cable.

However, the Raiders have denied any hiring of any coach and claim to have not made any firm decisions yet. In a later interview, the Raiders' senior executive John Herrera stated: "The decision has not been made, that's not correct. At some point here we will have a head coach, but as of now that decision has not been made. We are assembling a staff as you know, but a decision on the head man has not been made."

Tom Cable was hired last year in midseason following the largely anticipated firing of Lane Kiffin, which occurred after a brutal and highly publicized dispute with Al Davis. Cable went 4-8 in his first season as head coach.

Now, the only question is how long will Cable stay in Oakland before Al becomes fed up with him? How long will it be before Al accuses Tom of being a disgrace to the Oakland Raiders? Will Tom be fired because he disagreed with the offensive system that Al loves to run?

As for Al, I ask of him one thing. Please give this man a reasonable amount of time to prove himself. Keep him for the whole season and allow this team to become situated with him. I truly believe the players on this team, especially Jamarcus Russell, will be able to grow and develop with much more ease if they don't have a new coach teaching them every year.

So the Cable era will apparently have another chapter. The only question is, will his story with the Raiders end the same way as the last few men who came before him? Only time will tell, and the Raider Nation will anxiously await their answer.