Serena Williams: What Serena Must Do to Redeem Australian Open Performance

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Serena Williams: What Serena Must Do to Redeem Australian Open Performance
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Serena Williams needs the French Open to help her forget the Australian Open.

She was knocked out of the last Grand Slam in the fourth round, which is unacceptable by Williams' standards. At least, it is by her old standards.

Williams hasn't been at the top of her game for awhile now, but the French Open could help her get her career back on track. She needs to win quickly and stay healthy, which will help her win at a place she has struggled in the past.

Williams has only won one Grand Slam at Roland Garros, and it will be tough for her to do it again. It's been 10 years since that only title, and she hasn't looked very good.

However, if Williams wins matches quickly, she will be doing herself a big favor.

At the age of 30, Williams doesn't have the fitness level to outlast opponents. She needs to overpower them quickly, and win matches efficiently. If she can do that, Williams will be able to avoid lazy, unforced errors.

Williams is one of the most talented women's tennis players of all time, but she has always been susceptible to unforced errors. As she gets tired, her play suffers. When matches drag on, Williams could struggle to stay at her best.

Therefore, by winning matches quickly, especially early on, Williams has a great chance of making it deep into the tournament.

Additionally, Williams has a smaller chance of getting hurt if she doesn't play long matches. The points at Roland Garros can get long, and Williams has plenty of past injuries she could tweak. If she shortens the matches, she could stay healthy longer.

When Williams is healthy, there is no doubting her greatness. However, she isn't always great at the French Open. She has only made it past the quarterfinals once, and the last time was 2003.

With that said, Williams is desperate for success. She hasn't won a Grand Slam in almost two years, and she was horrible at the Aussie Open (her best competition).

Williams needs to redeem herself at the French Open by winning quickly and staying healthy. If she can do that, she will be successful, even though it's her worst tournament.

Williams has always struggled at Roland Garros. After her poor showing in Australia, winning the French Open is the perfect opportunity to redeem herself.

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