Baltimore Orioles: Why the Orioles Shouldn't Sign Roy Oswalt

Jonathan Ty LangCorrespondent IMay 27, 2012

Baltimore Orioles: Why the Orioles Shouldn't Sign Roy Oswalt

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    There has been some speculation that the Baltimore Orioles are interested in bringing in former All-Star Roy Oswalt to help continue their Cinderella season, but there are several reasons signing Oswalt would be a mistake for the O's.

    Oswalt decided not to sign with a team this offseason and instead wait until certain teams separated themselves as good fits for the veteran.

    At this point in the season, the Orioles are yet to fall apart, and Baltimore's general manager, Dan Duquette, is flirting with the idea of bringing Oswalt.

    Even though it seems like signing Oswalt is a no-brainer for the O's, there are several factors that make this unlikely but still possible signing a mistake.


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    It has been reported that the Rangers are interested in Oswalt, and Oswalt wants to play with them, so why is it not happening?

    He wants a lot more money than any sensible team should give him for half a season.

    Texas has the advantage of playing in a large market; Baltimore does not. If Texas does give in and pay Oswalt, it is in a position to survive a large contract that doesn't pan out.

    The O's can't afford to pay someone a lot of money for little production.

AL East

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    Another reason bringing in Oswalt could turn out poorly for the O's is simply the AL East is a challenge the now older Oswalt has never faced.

    The Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays and Rays all are capable of scoring runs in bunches. Oswalt won't have the cushion the pitchers slot gives NL pitchers once they get into a jam.

    Those NL lineups simply can't stack up with what he would have to face day in and day out with Baltimore, which could be a big problem for the former ace.


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    Oswalt isn't in his prime anymore. It isn't really a secret, but the Orioles learned last year when they overpaid for Vladimir Guerrero that they shouldn't pay simply on reputation.  

    At 34 years old, Oswalt is no longer the dominating frontline starter he once was. He is more suited as a solid three of four starter. 

    If he was a little younger, it would make sense for the O's to reach out and grab the veteran, but it just isn't worth it because of his age.

Zach Britton's Return

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    One reason Baltimore doesn't need Oswalt is the return of Zach Britton.

    Britton won 11 games last season for Baltimore and is expected to rejoin the O's in the coming weeks.

    He will join a rotation that includes Wei-Yin Chen, Jason Hammel and the suddenly consistent Brian Matusz.

    That will give the O's four quality arms that give them a chance to win every start, and if Jake Arrieta can find some consistency instead of flip-flopping between quality and shaky outings, the Orioles will be golden when it comes to the rotation.

    There simply wouldn't be room for Oswalt, and if the O's are going to win long-term, it is going to be because of the pitchers already in the organization.