Brock Lesnar Seen at UFC 146: Is He Really Leaving WWE for UFC Again?

Kevin Germany@@KevinUber1Analyst IIIMay 29, 2012

Brock Lesnar made an appearance at the UFC 146 pay-per-view in Las Vegas. This is a noteworthy appearance because Lesnar rarely leaves his compound in rural Minnesota.

Rumors swirled on MMA and wrestling sites that Lesnar will leave the WWE to make a return to UFC.

These rumors do have a modicum of credibility. Nobody has made an effort to put the flames out yet. In fact, the parties involved—Dana White, WWE and Lesnar—have only intensified the rumors.

White did not dismiss the possibility of Lesnar returning to UFC. White also said Lesnar wanted to return to the UFC. Lesnar himself did not rule out a possible return while taking in the action. 

In other words, Lesnar may have actually quit WWE. Who would have thought a WWE storyline actually happened in reality?

But, did Lesnar really quit WWE?  Was this just a brilliant ruse by WWE chairman Vince McMahon to generate viewer interest in Lesnar's eventual return?  Is Lesnar really interested into going back to UFC? 

I would never put it past Lesnar to quit WWE. Lesnar abruptly left WWE in 2004 once his contract expired.  

Lesnar attributed his departure due to the hectic schedule and his injuries sustained from wrestling.  Remember, Lesnar was constantly in the WWE main-event picture during his first stint in WWE from 2002-04. 

Lesnar even publicly disparaged the nature of the wrestling business. This made his return all the more shocking. 

This time around, Lesnar clearly signed with the WWE for the money. He has five million reasons why he should fulfill his one-year contract. 

Lesnar is a brilliant businessman. Even storyline WWE COO Triple H acknowledged that on Monday Night RAW

Lesnar understood WWE needed a major draw due to the void left by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's prolonged absence after WrestleMania XXVIII.  Therefore, it was logical for Lesnar to demand an outrageous sum of money to get him back to WWE. 

Lesnar knew his value would be high because of the publicity WWE generated when The Undertaker legitimately confronted Lesnar at UFC 121 back in 2010

WWE understood that the fans would quickly realize the reasoning behind Lesnar's return. WWE quickly made sure to turn Lesnar into an evil mercenary upon his return.  

In fact, his first match was against quintessential company man John Cena at April's Extreme Rules pay-per-view. 

His most recent storyline involves a lawsuit filed by Lesnar's "legal adviser" Paul Heyman against WWE COO Triple H. This lawsuit is actually very similar to the real-life dispute Lesnar had with WWE back in 2005.  

I would not be surprised if Lesnar actually quit the WWE.

However, it is hard for me to believe that Lesnar would actually make a return to UFC right now due to his health issues. 

It was clear in his last fight with Alistair Overeem last December that Lesnar could not endure Overeem's repeated shots to his stomach.  All UFC fighters would likely target Lesnar's stomach in any future fight. 

His safety could be in jeopardy given the brutal nature of actual fighting.  

Keep in mind, Lesnar almost died due to a bout of diverticulitis. It is not an illness that can easily be cured.  It is blatantly obvious that Lesnar quit UFC because of his health issues.

Overeem's recent positive test for a banned substance must have confirmed Lesnar's reasoning for leaving UFC. 

Furthermore, there is no way I can see Lesnar forfeiting millions (and millions) of dollars just because he wants to fight for real again.  WWE is paying him about $250,000 per appearance. 

On the flip side, I would not be surprised if there is some kind of secret deal between White and McMahon involving Lesnar.  Lesnar could possibly rejoin the UFC after his one-year contract with WWE expires at WrestleMania XXIX. 

McMahon and White are both marketing geniuses who will do anything to stir up their respective fan bases.

McMahon knows how to stir up WWE's vocal Internet fan base (AKA the "IWC") to generate interest in the next storyline. WWE's "Reality Era" often blurs the line between fact and fiction. 

White is smart enough to realize Lesnar's marketability amongst UFC fans. Lesnar does an outstanding job of playing the "heel" role in the WWE (and the UFC to a certain extent).

By extension, both McMahon and White know some fans want to see Lesnar get his comeuppance in WWE or UFC.

Therefore, Lesnar could have made an appearance at UFC 146 to provoke WWE fans who expect complete loyalty from their performers (I know that doesn't make any sense, but bear with me). This would get Lesnar more "heel heat" by his blatant disloyalty to the WWE. 



The question still remains: Will Lesnar leave WWE for the UFC?

In short, I am not convinced that Lesnar is returning to the UFC anytime soon. The updated news on the situation only confirms my doubts.

It is possible Lesnar can make a future return to UFC.  He clearly prefers to be fighting for the UFC rather than wrestling for WWE. 

Right now, Lesnar is trying to generate viewer interest for WWE's SummerSlam pay-per-view in August. The slated main event in SummerSlam just happens to be Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H. 

What a coincidence. 

Lesnar's health will prevent him from being physically able to fight in the Octagon anytime soon.  Ultimately, at the end of the day, Lesnar must do what is best for him and his family. 

Therefore, I do not believe that Lesnar will quit WWE to go back to the UFC.  

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