Dos Santos vs. Mir Results: 5 Fights for Frank Mir to Take Next

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIMay 27, 2012

Dos Santos vs. Mir Results: 5 Fights for Frank Mir to Take Next

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    Frank Mir went into UFC 146 the clear underdog and was expecting to pull off another shocking victory, but it was not to be. Junior dos Santos stuffed Mir's only takedown attempt and then picked him apart before finally putting him down for good in the second round.

    The loss will send Mir tumbling down the rankings, and while losing to the champion is nothing to shake your head at, Mir was clearly outclassed by JDS tonight.

    With the loss, Mir's career can now go in a few directions. If Mir believes he's in the twilight years of his career, we may see a few more novelty-type fights. If he wants to make another run at the belt, he also has that option, as there's a few guys to face next that can help Mir take his career in the direction he wishes.

Antonio Silva

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    Antonio Silva got absolutely destroyed in his UFC debut; there's no denying that. The same could be said of Frank Mir, although Mir's destruction wasn't as violent as the Brazilian's.

    A bout against Silva would give two guys who are desperately in need of a win (Silva more so than Mir) an opportunity to rebound against one another. They aren't that far apart in the rankings and it would stick with the UFC's practice of matching losers and losers together.

    The potential bout with "Big Foot" would also be an interesting matchup as well. Both men have BJJ black belts are renowned as some of the best grapplers in the division.

    This fight would be the perfect way for Mir to get back into title contention with a win over a respected name.

Shane Carwin

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    Shane Carwin is slated to begin his return to the Octagon later on this year and Frank Mir could be the guy to welcome him back.

    The two previously met with Carwin battering the jiu-jitsu ace against the cage until Mir was left face first on the canvas. Since then, Carwin's career fell off after the loss to Brock Lesnar and beatdown at the hands of Junior dos Santos.

    A rematch with a returning Carwin would give us a barometer of where both men currently stand at this point in their careers and give Mir an opportunity to avenge an ugly loss.

Dave Herman

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    Dave Herman got blasted off his feet by a right hand from Roy Nelson and is on the verge of being shown the door in the UFC with two straight losses.

    Herman has always been a very well-respected fighter by fans and media who were expecting big things from the Team Quest product. Unfortunately, those projections haven't materialized inside the Octagon.

    A bout with Frank Mir would make sense on a number of levels. Herman is a guy who loves to go for a finish and won't hesitate to throw leather in Mir's face. Mir has shown to have some chin questions and surviving a blitz from "Pee Wee" could help answer those questions. It could also give Mir some confidence that he will be fine after taking a punch.

    The bout could also show us if Herman truly belongs in the UFC or is all hype and no substance. A loss to Herman would also likely end Mir's days as an elite heavyweight. Either way, both men could stand to raise their current misfortunes in this fight by defeating a fighter with a respectable name.

Lavar Johnson

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    Lavar Johnson entered the UFC in impressive fashion by taking out the durable Joey Beltran. He continued to raise his stock with a win over fan-favorite Pat Barry.

    But at UFC 146, it was Johnson who found himself on the losing end as Stefan Struve was able to secure the submission victory via arm bar.

    Johnson has big power in his hands but has had clear issues with his jiu-jitsu game. Enter Frank Mir.

    Mir is confident enough in his striking to keep the fight standing, which could produce either a shocking turn of events if Mir can win on the feet or another highlight-reel KO for Johnson.

    I'm guessing Mir will realize he can't stand in the pocket and trade shots with guys in the division and will look to take the fight to the mat where he will have a clear advantage.

    A potential bout with Johnson would involve a similar training camp to the one he just went through for Mir. Except I believe Mir could wrestle Johnson to the mat and use his jiu-jitsu advantage.

Brock Lesnar

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    In case you've been living under a rock the past 24 hours, the Internet has been abuzz about a possible return to the UFC for Brock Lesnar. Kevin Iole from Yahoo! tweeted that Dana White is giving out some hints. The former champion was in the crowd at UFC 146 and Dana White has always loved putting Lesnar on a card as he is guaranteed money.

    It's clear in MMA fans' eyes that Lesnar isn't a true contender anymore and the UFC would likely only bring him in for the surge in PPV buys. What better way to ensure that than by matching him against his biggest rival in Frank Mir?

    Mir was able to win via submission in Lesnar's UFC debut but was soundly beaten in the rematch at UFC 100. After the fight, Mir transformed his body to better cope with the massive heavyweights like Lesnar.

    How would Mir's new look fare against a returning Lesnar? Is Lesnar still the better fighter despite being away from the Octagon for quite some time? These are just some of the questions that could be answered by a rubber match between Mir and Lesnar.

    The PPV buys wouldn't be too bad either.