UFC 146 Results: Frank Mir and 6 Potential Fights for Him After UFC 146

Kevin HessAnalyst IMay 27, 2012

UFC 146 Results: Frank Mir and 6 Potential Fights for Him After UFC 146

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    UFC 146 was a definitive setback for the former two-time heavyweight champion Frank Mir as he was soundly defeated by Junior dos Santos in his quest for a third championship.

    Mir gave a solid effort in the fight, standing with Dos Santos for the majority of the contest after failing to secure a takedown early in the fight.

    After the loss to the current champion, Mir seems to have quite a few options regarding potential opponents as the heavyweight division is still wide open in terms of contenders.

    Mir is still in a pretty good position and can string together quite a few wins if he is determined to stay active and compete for another championship.

Honorable Mention: Fabricio Werdum

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    Fabricio Werdum would be a dream match in terms of a high-level jiu-jitsu clash, but would require a loss from Werdum in his next match as Mir is on his way down the ladder for the time being.

    Werdum would be the last potential opponent for Mir in determining who has the best submission game in the business today.

    This is a match that I hope the UFC can make before one of them is released or retires.

Gabriel Gonzaga

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    A fighter who was originally scheduled to participate on the card at UFC 146 was another well-rounded fighter, Gabriel Gonzaga.

    This fight would be a good bounce-back fight for Mir as Gonzaga brings a good submission game and quality stand-up to the fight.

    Not only is a fight with Gonzaga a great match for fans, but it would put Mir back on the map fairly quickly.

Mark Hunt

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    A potential match could be set up between another legendary-type fighter in Mark Hunt.

    Hunt is riding a solid wave of momentum of late, but needs a really solid victory to put him over the top.

    Mir would be a perfect opponent to determine if Hunt is a contender or a pretender and also benefit Mir if he could end Hunt's run fairly quickly.

    Hunt brings a big power game and it would be a fantastic fight to watch.

Stefan Struve

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    Stefan Stuve has looked very sharp in his last few fights and, like Mark Hunt, is looking for a solid opponent to match up against.

    Struve has been utilizing a strong submission game to earn the majority of his victories and would be hard pressed to attempt this on a heavyweight such as Mir.

    It would be interesting to see if Struve would adapt or attempt to roll with Mir on the ground.

    Struve has also looked more sharp with his striking game and could pose potential problems for Mir.

Antonio Silva

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    Another fighter who suffered a one-sided defeat at UFC 146 was Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, who was outclassed by former champion Cain Velasquez.

    Both fighters would be on a current slide and a matchup between the two would make sense while their styles seem somewhat similar, creating a very intriguing fight to watch.

    The winner would obviously be thrown back in the mix while the loser would be left to battle his way through the ranks.

    This fight would also be a great indication of where both men are heading in the near future.

Josh Barnett

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    Josh Barnett would bring a significant fight between two fighters that managed to miss each other throughout their careers.

    Barnett brings a very similar game compared to Mir and the two are former UFC champions.

    Mir versus Barnett would be a match that UFC fans would enjoy and go another step further in adding to the legacy of either fighter.

Brock Lesnar

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    Lesnar might not quite be finished with his UFC career after all.

    Lesnar would be riding a two-fight losing streak and who else would be a better person to welcome him back than his arch-rival Frank Mir.

    The timing would be perfect seemingly yet again for the two to meet inside of the Octagon and would certainly be a match each other would strive to achieve victory.

    A win by either fighter places them immediately back into contention due to the top echelon of the division appearing to be very even at the moment.

    Mir basically put on his added size to compensate for Lesnar and has never been able to get his chance at redemption.

    Who wouldn't want to watch a rubber match between these two? It would be very easy to market and would surely bring in solid revenue for the UFC.