WWE and TNA: Top 5 Things to Look Forward to This Week in Wrestling

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMay 27, 2012

WWE and TNA: Top 5 Things to Look Forward to This Week in Wrestling

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    Last week was a relatively "slow" news week for the wrestling business, but that changes this week. This is going to be a big week for the wrestling business. In 10 years, many may look back to this stretch of five days as being a new era.

    That may seem ridiculous, but a lot is riding on the next week for the industry. Some will end up being a positive experience. Others will not.

    What will happen this week? Let's find out!

5. Sheamus on Raw

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    On Smackdown, it was said that Sheamus had to apologize to John Laurinaitis Monday night. While I am a big fan of the Celtic Warrior and his recent actions, this does not seem intriguing.

    Do not involve him with the general manager!

    We saw that with CM Punk. We saw that with John Cena. We have seen that more than enough times for the past decade or so.

    Let the World Champion kick Daniel Bryan in the head every week for all I care...anything but a storyline with Laurinaitis!

    Thus could be a major turning point in his face run. He has done a nice job of standing out and doing his own thing. To get inserted into yet another authority figure feud would not be a nice thing to remember down the road.

4. Court Issues

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    I have yet to comment on the upcoming TNA vs. WWE court battle. There are a few reasons why.

    First, it will mean nothing in the long run. WWE will get past this with ease. The "case" is such a laughable topic right now. You almost start to feel bad for TNA after so many embarrassments.

    Secondly, it is not even a lawsuit right now. Many are jumping the gun on the official title. Right now, it is simply an injunction being discussed. That is not an official lawsuit.

    If it becomes that, there will be more to comment on.

    Finally, I am still busy laughing at this entire thing right now. If anybody is expecting this to be a major story, they are kidding themselves. My guess is more "fantasy booking" that is always wrong.

    With that being said, why is this a big week?

    That is very simple!

    You know more and more details are going to come out each day. Somebody will comment. Another person will make a remark. Another "rumor" will be released and be quickly denied an hour later. The cycle will just continue all week. It will surely grab a ton of headlines over the next few days.

    The only downside is like I mentioned above. Ultimately, it will all mean nothing.

3. Jericho

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    Everybody knows about the recent Chris Jericho incident. He was (rightfully) suspended for 30 days, and it will be felt this week.

    Chris Jericho was set to enter a feud with Randy Orton. The two have had an issue for almost two years now. That story needed an ending.

    While the pay off (Orton wins) will eventually come, it will not happen anytime soon. I am very interested to see what Mr. RKO does without a direction for the next month.

    Does he get thrown in the World Title picture? Is a new, young heel ready to challenge him for No Way Out in June?

    Perhaps Jericho appears on Raw despite all the news? You can never say never in this business.

    For Orton (and Jericho?), it will be a huge week.

2. Impact Goes Live

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    TNA Impact Wrestling moves up an hour this week for its new start time. Also, the show will be airing live for the entire summer starting this week.

    As I wrote about last week for TNA, these moves will not move ratings at all. Nothing will help them move past their beloved 1.0 ratings until everything about that company is different. Yes, everything!

    Going live and changing time slots (once again) is just a band-aid over a major injury. It may help for a little bit, but will be irrelevant next month. This is yet another "attempt" at avoiding the real issues.

    Either way, it is going to be a huge week for Impact. Right or wrong, you can't deny that. They are already throwing Sting back out there in the opening match for his 24,467th "return" match.

    When in doubt, bring Sting back for the main event scene! It's not like Brooke Hogan is signed to the company, right? Oh yeah...

    Also, do not be surprised to see a few names from the past appear. TNA is going to take advantage of their new live format. Make no mistake about it.

    If nothing else, just watch to see how they perform in a live setting again. Their Monday night run in 2010 pretty much summed up their abilities there. We will see if anything has changed since then.

    Hey, isn't TNA Slammiversary in two weeks?

1. Sin Cara Returns

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    Sin Cara had an extremely disappointing debut year for WWE. Not many fans are going to deny that. I am a fan of his, but I also speak logically.

    He has a lot to prove in 2012. Returning from an injury is always tough, but there is even more pressure on Cara right now.

    While his comeback will be on a taped Smackdown, I am anxious to see how he does. Folks deserve second chances in life, and this is Sin Cara's.

    If he does well, I can forgive and forget his many issues last year. If nothing has changed, then he is not going to last much longer in the company.

    This is a huge, huge, huge week for Sin Cara. If there is one thing to look forward towards this week, it is to see if one man can redeem himself...

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