NBA: Drexler Lands A "Baby Seal" Bomb

Trey SmithContributor IFebruary 4, 2009

During his analysis of the Houston Rockets versus Chicago Bulls game last night, Clyde Drexler described the ease at which Yao Ming was scoring on the Bulls defense as, "easy as killing baby seals."

While I caught the tongue in cheek humor of his statement, being employed by an owner (Les Alexander) who gives huge sums of money toward animal rights, this may be the bonehead mistake of the season.

Clyde's play by play partner, Bill Worrell, immediately caught the statement and mentioned he could have used a better choice of words, but the damage was done.

I'm hopeful this doesn't impact Clyde's relationship with the Rockets, the Houston fans, and heaven forbid PETA.  Unfortunately, this is the risk when you employ someone for name recognition over quality and experience.

It's likely a stern lecture is in order from Mr. Alexander, and I'm sure Clyde regrets making the statement.  

As a well respected, beloved Houstonian, Clyde's likely to get the benefit of the doubt that he doesn't advocate such things and here's hoping there are no long-term consequences.