Boxing: Carl Froch Stops Lucian Bute in 5th Round

Jorge Alarcon-SwabyCorrespondent IMay 26, 2012

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND - MAY 26:  Carl Froch knocks out Lucian Bute during their IBF World Super Middleweight Title bout at Nottingham Capital FM Arena on May 26, 2012 in Nottingham, England.  (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Scott Heavey/Getty Images

The referee gave both fighters final instructions as they stared at each other in the middle of the ring. It was fight time for Carl Froch and Lucian Bute, and as they stood there waiting for the sound of that first bell, the quest for supremacy in the violent act that awaited them was clearly evident in the eyes of both warriors.

Both fighters came out aggressive and tried to establish their jab, Bute was more successful with the jab causing redness and swelling on Froch’s nose. Towards the end of the round, Bute was more in control and eventually landed two hard quick left hands on Froch.  Bute wins the round.

In the second round, Bute was still in control and waiting Froch out, perfectly timing him and landing a left every time Froch tried to come in. Froch had a good 10 seconds in the middle of the round by landing a few solid left jabs. Froch landed a good combination with 15 seconds left in the round and a solid left jab followed by a straight right.  Froch wins the round.

In the third, Froch seemed more comfortable now, his jab seemed to be established at this point. Bute keep coming forward and slipping in a good straight left here and there. With 1:34 left in the the in the round, Froch landed solid punches on Bute and got him hurt.  

Bute was stumbling and Froch maintained the pressure. The crow roared as if the fight was about the end. Froch keep the pressure and landed several right hand uppercuts that hurt Bute forcing him to hold on for dear life as the ref examined and wondered whether or not to stop the fight.

Bute eventually made it out of the round but was extremely hurt and slowly made his was to his corner. Big round for Froch.

In the beginning of the fourth, Bute come out with energy and landed a good solid left but it didn’t bother Froch. Still Bute maintained the pressure and Froch seemed to hold of his punches.  With one minute left in the round both fighters traded punches and both landed great combinations with Bute landing the more clean punches.

With 20 seconds left, Bute was hit but a hard right hand and was really hurt. The fight was almost stopped at moment right before the round ended. Bute was literally saved by the bell. Another round for Froch.


From the beginning of the fifth, Froch keep the pressure and Bute and corned him with punches. In the corner Froch went to work with combination and landed bombs on Bute, which knocked him down as the crowd roared.

The ref stepped in started to count out Bute, but before he could finish, Bute's head trainer stepped into the ring and saved his fighter. A great and impressive knockout win for Froch.

The crowd went wild as Froch celebrated the biggest win of his career and in impressive fashion. With this win, Froch puts himself back on top of the division and makes himself one of the most feared men in boxing. 

Today was Bute's chance to show the world that he was the real deal and not overrated as a lot of people referred to him as. Instead, he was exposed by Froch and maybe he was in fact overrated and protected against low-quality opposition in Canada.

His career will most likely take a hard hit even though there is a rematch clause in the contract which entitles Bute to a rematch in Canada. After his defeat tonight, I doubt Bute will be looking forward to that rematch or even demanding it. 

As for Froch, the best possible fight for him will be a rematch with Kessler who beat him in 2012. I'm sure Froch and his team will be looking forward to avenging that loss. 

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