2012 NFL Rookies: What Other Pro Sports Would They Play?

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 26, 2012

The NFL draft class of 2012 is talented, no doubt.

Some players are multi-talented like Brandon Weeden and Russell Wilson, who both played minor league baseball.

Look back into NFL history. There are a number of two-sport athletes who come to mind.

Can you say Bo Jackson? Deion Sanders?

Recently, Tony Romo attempted to make the PGA Tour, but first he's got to advance the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs.

People forget that Michael Vick was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in 2000.

And who can forget Ricky Williams playing four years of minor league baseball?

Well, we asked a few rookies what professional sport they'd play if they weren't in the NFL. We got some surprising answers and some predictable ones, but it's always interesting to see what their secondary passions are.