Impact of Trent Richardson for the Alabama Crimson Tide

David HorsleyContributor IFebruary 4, 2009

Trent Richardson was a huge pickup for the Tide today.  His style of smash mouth football is great in combination with Julio Jones finesse pass catching ability.  Here you have a phenomenal athlete who runs hard north and south, but can hit the flats and catch passes as well.  He's not the biggest back at only 5'11" and needs to work on his catching ability but runs hard and hits the holes.  I see him as being a backup to Mark Ingram, and could easily see him getting plenty of playing time with the loss of Glen Coffee. 

This will continue to make Alabama two-dimensional on offense and can help take the pressure off Julio.  As mentioned he needs work on his pass catching but his hands are good enough to provide another target for McElroy next few years in the flats and with screen passes.  Has good speed and should provide defenses some trouble.

With Alabama picking up Richardson, it keeps him away from the Gators, keeping their offense more centered on Tim Tebow and away from a strong running game next year.  This not only helps Bama for the 2009 season but also beyond because when Tebow leaves, it keeps a big name player out of their lineup to center the offense around. 

Richardson should make an immediate impact on the Tide's lineup by continuing to create mismatches with defenses and providing a solid backup to push Mark Ingram.