25 Sports Hotties Taking Pictures of Themselves

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterMay 27, 2012

25 Sports Hotties Taking Pictures of Themselves

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    It's difficult to even remember a world before the iPhone and Twitter. Both are monumental technological achievements on their own, but magic is made when the two are combined. Obviously, I'm referring to the sexy self portraits that permeate the vast recesses of the interwebs.

    These photos are usually quite popular with the men folk and are even the foundation on which one of my favorite time-wasting websites, TheChive, is built on! Twitter is a popular venue for displaying such photos and many of the sexiest sports hotties post them on the regular.

    Let's take a look at 25 sports hotties who are, as the fine folks at TheChive would say, "using the Twitter machine properly."

25. Ashley Ferrara, MMA Ring Girl

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    Ashley Ferrara is a sometimes model and MMA ring girl and a student at Oklahoma University. She's also one of Playboy's girls of golf, but I'm not sure if she actually plays golf. 

    Ferrara is a big fan of the self portrait and obviously isn't afraid to show a little skin. She keeps it pretty traditional usually—posing in the bedroom or bathroom. 

24. Maryse Ouellet, Former WWE Diva

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    Former WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet was a two-time Divas Champion during her stint with the WWE. Today she's focusing on her modeling career and her fashion line, House of Maryse. 

    Maryse doesn't take all that many self portraits, probably because she has so many people desperate to a picture for her. She tends to stick with the venue classics—private bathrooms and dressing rooms. 

23. Rachelle Leah, MMA Host

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    Former UFC ring girl Rachelle Leah is a model, television personality and sometimes actress who is best known in the sports world for her hosting gigs on Inside the UFC, The Ultimate Fighter. 

    First, I'm absolutely loving the MCA tribute photo—the girl has got good taste. Leah is no stranger to the self portrait, but she likes to keep it classy and usually manages to avoid the tired bathroom locale.

22. Kim Glass, U.S. Women's Volleyball

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    Kim Glass is a volleyball player who plays professionally overseas and was a member of the 2008 U.S. women's national volleyball team that won silver at the Olympics in Beijing. 

    Ms. Kim actually isn't too big on the self portrait. She'd much rather show off her stylin' new shoes than herself in a mirror. Though she succumbs to the mirror photo temptation on occasion—she's only human.

21. Kelly Kelly, WWE Diva

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    WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is a model-turned-wrestler and a former Divas champion. She's appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine and has been named one of their 100 hottest women in the world.

    Ms. Kelly Kelly tends to avoid the self portrait for the most part and is more likely to be photographed with her bevy of beautiful girlfriends. 

20. Logan Stanton, Former UFC Ring Girl

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    Logan Stanton is a former UFC ring girl who was unceremoniously dumped by UFC in late 2009. These days she's working as a model and is obviously as gorgeous as ever. 

    Stanton is a big fan of the self portrait and her Twitter gallery boasts over a dozen. No location seems to be off limits, but she takes most of them in the car—hopefully not while driving.

19. Felice Herrig, MMA Fighter

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    Felice Herrig got her start in the ring as a kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter before transitioning to MMA back in 2009. In 2011, she signed a multi-year deal with XFC in Florida and is currently ranked the No. 10 female strawweight fighter in the world. 

    Herrig posts the occasional self portrait in varying states of undress, but recently she's been posting pics of her and her girls hanging poolside. Summer is obviously upon us.

18. Crystal Cunningham, Nashville Predators Ice Girl

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    Crystal Cunningham is an ice girl for the Nashville Predators, a successful model and was the centerfold in the 2012 Hooters Girl calendar. She's a Hooters girl at their downtown Nashville location. 

    Cunningham takes plenty of self portraits, but usually it's her sitting on the lap of a man she describes as her "best friend and lover." Kinda weird…but they seem blissfully happy. 

17. Gianna Mazzon, MMA Model

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    Gianna Mazzon is a model who has been featured in Ultimate MMA magazine on a number of occasions. She's also modeled for Playboy and FHM Germany—the country she currently calls home. 

    Being a model, Mazzon is no stranger to the camera and she's not what one would describe as "shy." Her Twitter gallery is stacked with a plethora of sexy photos and plenty of hot self portraits.

    Although this photo looks like it was taken in an airport bathroom, which is more than a little bit weird. 

16. Brooke Lynette, Cage Warriors Ring Girl

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    Brooke Lynette is the head ring girl for Cage Warriors and is based out of London. She's also a successful commercial, fitness and lingerie model. 

    Lynette is sexy and she knows it, which is probably why she's got well over a dozen sexy self-portraits on Twitter. Most are the standard bathroom mirror photos, but anywhere there's a mirror, there's an iPhone photo to match.

15. Leryn Franco, Paraguayan Track and Field

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    Paraguayan track and field Olympian Leryn Franco is a former beauty queen who placed third in the 2006 Miss Universe Paraguay pageant. She's also a very successful model who splits her time between fashion and training for the 2012 Olympics in London.

    Ms. Franco has a wide array of photos posted to her Twitter gallery, but precious few self portraits. She must have been very impressed with her dress, because this is the only one of the bunch.

14. Natalie Skyy, MMA Ring Girl

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    Natalie Skyy is a ring girl who has done additional promotional work for both Strikeforce and UFC. She also works as a model who has been featured in TapouT magazine and has competed in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic finals. 

    Skyy isn't shy about sharing her best assets with her Twitter followers on the regular—usually in front of the bathroom mirror or while chilling poolside. 

13. Chandella Powell, UFC Ring Girl

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    Chandella Powell is a UFC ring girl whose past in porn recently came to light and caused a minor stir in the MMA world. There were rumors suggesting UFC was going to fire her, but they did the reasonable thing and didn't fire her. 

    Powell posts the occasional self portrait, but most of her photos are MMA related. Which includes plenty of pics with UFC co-workers Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer. 

12. Ashley Dyer, University of South Carolina Cheerleader

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    Ashley Dyer is a cheerleader at the University of South Carolina—and that's actually all I really know about her. 

    Dyer spends plenty of time poolside and always has her iPhone handy to document her adventures in tanning. 

11. Corissa Furr, MMA Ring Girl

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    Corissa Furr is a Strikeforce ring girl and one of the most gorgeous girls in MMA. She's also a television host/personality, a model and a sometimes actress who has appeared in HBO's Entourage. 

    Furr posts photos to Twitter on an almost daily basis and many of them are stunning self portraits. Most of which look to be while on location at modeling gigs.

10. Sara Perry, Nashville Predators Ice Girl

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    Sara Perry is an ice girl for the Nashville Predators and a superstar sales girl for someone. She also has an entire bedroom dedicated solely to her massive wardrobe and apparently needs even more space. 

    Perry pretty much lives in a bikini when she's not at work and even when she is at work, she's got people taking pictures of her practicing her dance moves. If you like poolside pics of chicks in bikinis, you will love her gallery.

9. Jade Bryce, Bellator Ring Girl

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    Jade Bryce is a Bellator ring girl and one of the most popular women in MMA. She's also a noted humanitarian as well as a successful model, having appeared in Playboy on several occasions—most recently in April 2012. 

    Bryce posts pics on Twitter frequently, but only the occasional self portrait. Usually she lets someone else take the photos of her and fellow Bellator girl Mercedes Terrell donning skimpy bikinis as they touch each other suggestively.

8. Alexis Augusto, Florida Panthers Ice Dancers

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    Alexis Augusto is a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader and is currently an ice dancer/cheerleader for the Florida Panthers. She's also a VPX Redline fitness model who has been featured in Maxim magazine. 

    Augusto posts the occasional self portrait from a bathroom before a photo shoot or while cursing Miami in her tricked out Benz. But the best pics are of her and her equally stunning homeys hitting the town together.

7. Stephanie Ann Cook, MMA Ring Girl

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    Stephanie Ann Cook is a model, spokesperson and MMM ring girl. She's based in Las Vegas, aspiring to make a difference and looks absolutely phenomenal in lingerie. 

    Good thing Cook looks phenomenal in lingerie and bikinis because she doesn't seem to wear anything else—like, ever. Her Twitter gallery is predominately self portraits, each one sexier than the last. 

6. Harmony Joy, Former Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader

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    Harmony Joy is a former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who has been keeping busy since ditching the Ben Gals. Joey is a radio personality, bikini competitor, model, actress, sports and entertainment reporter and a wine enthusiast. 

    Honestly, I have no idea how she manages to do all that stuff when she spends most days lounging poolside and taking pics of herself. Joy loves her some self portraits and takes them at the pool, in the bathroom, the bedroom and sometimes while just wandering around outside. 

5. Natasha Wicks, Former UFC Ring Girl

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    Natasha Wicks is a former UFC ring girl who, along with Logan Stanton, was fired without explanation in late 2009. She's been working as a model, dancer and (aspiring) actress since then.

    Wicks posts plenty of self portraits on Twitter, but this one is definitely my favorite. Mostly because she wore this to a Super Bowl party in February 2012. I suspect there were some happy bros at that party.

4. Anastasia Ashley, Surfer

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    Anastasia Ashley is a professional surfer who likely pays the bills with her many modeling gigs. 

    Ashley is a big fan of the bathroom self portrait and posted this fine photo for #FriskyFriday back in February, 2012. 

3. Arianny Celeste, UFC Ring Girl

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    Arianny Celeste is a UFC ring girl and has won MMA's Ring Girl of the Year award both of the last two years. She's also a spokesmodel for Bud Light, television host, model and aspiring actress. And apparently she's a fighter in her own right—recently she was arrested on domestic violence charges in Las Vegas. 

    If anyone in the world is "using the Twitter machine properly," it's Arianny Celeste. Celeste posts pics seemingly around the clock, including a constant stream of sexy self portraits. 

2. Niki Ghazian, Former LFL Player

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    Niki Ghazian is a former player in the Lingerie Football League and currently a very successful international model who has appeared in a number of publications, including a memorable spread in FHM. 

    This self-described "Persian Barbie" is definitely living the life, and shares plenty of it on Twitter. She's got plenty of sexy self portraits taken poolside, oceanside, in the bathroom and even on a damn yacht. #Jealous

1. Mercedes Terrell, Bellator Ring Girl

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    Mercedes Terrell is a Bellator ring girl, spokesmodel for Monster energy drink and the star of her very own calendar. 

    Terrell takes a lot of self portraits, most all of them are in the car, which she seems to spend a lot of time alone in the passenger seat of.