Jose Canseco Strikes out at Love: BR5

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Jose Canseco just can’t seem to stay out of the news. No matter how much we all wish he would just go away, he always seems to come back like a bad rash. Whether he’s starring in a reality show or playing for a minor league team in a town near you, the guy just won’t go away!


As one of the most entertaining people to follow on Twitter, you can find Canseco picking fights with Shaq and trying to get himself voted into the MLB All-Star Game by asking fans to write him in on the ballot. He might have a hard time since he hasn’t played in a major league game in over a decade, BUT he did sweeten the deal by saying if voted into the game, we would never have to hear about him trying to make a major league come back ever again. He’s got our vote here at BR5!


Not only has Canseco been striking out at the plate, but also recently he found himself striking out with the ladies of Worcester, Mass. as well. Deadspin has reported that he was seen at a restaurant hitting on every waitress in the establishment and even slipped his number to the 19-year-old hostess at the front door when he was leaving.


At least we can always count on Jose when it’s a slow news day!


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