EPL: Don't Judge Tim Cahill

Clement AndreauCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2008

Controversy was sparked last Sunday after Tim Cahill celebrated his goal against Portsmouth by crossing his wrists, dedicating his goal to incarcerated brother Sean.

Cahill's older brother Sean Cahill (29 years old) was sent to jail in 2004 for assaulting victim Christopher Stapley, leaving him partially blind.  Sean then left for Australia, but was finally caught and judged in England last year.  He was sentenced to six years in jail.

The crime is a horrible one, and there is no justification.  Sean Cahill is guilty and he is paying for it now.

But Tim still loves his brother and just wanted to say, "Hi."  He simply misses his brother; the gesture was not a big deal.

However, Detective Constable Will Hope of the Metropolitan Police declared, " As a sport star in the public eye, Tim Cahill's actions are grossly irresponsible."

The midfielder, who plays for Everton, has said that he does "wholeheartedly apologize if any offence was caused."  Knowing a bit about Cahill, I don't think that he is bad at heart. He means well and wouldn't hurt anyone—off the field, that is.

Cahill simply decided to express a personal sentiment in a symbolic way.  It’s not like he wore a t-shirt saying "Free my brother."  He didn't mime the crime. 

So please leave him alone.  Cahill is a supremely talented player, and not the guy the press should scandalize.

Go Tim, Go Aussies!

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