ACC Baseball Tournament 2012: Underdog Georgia Tech Will Sweep Pool A

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IMay 25, 2012

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Underdog Georgia Tech is well on their way to sweeping Pool A of the 2012 ACC baseball tournament.

No. 8 seed Georgia Tech shocked the field when they beat No. 1 seed Florida State, but nobody expected them to dominate the tournament. That's just what they're doing so far, as their 17-5 victory over Virginia today clearly demonstrates.

I was one of the folks who didn't see this coming. In fact, after they edged Florida State 5-4 in their first game, I predicted they would lose their final two. After all, they did lose two of three to both Virginia and Clemson during the regular season.

Boy, was I wrong. 

The Yellow Jackets are on fire right now, and their bats are doing some serious damage so far in this tournament. Their game against Virginia had to be stopped early, due to the 10-run mercy rule, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Clemson is next on their hit list, and I can't see them stopping the freight train that is the Yellow Jackets offense—especially considering that the Tigers were only able to put up two runs to the same Virginia team that was blown out by Georgia Tech earlier today.

If Clemson pulls off an upset against Florida State today, it will set up an unlikely elimination match between them and Georgia Tech for the chance to go to the ACC Championship game to face Pool B's winner.

Judging by the way the Yellow Jackets have dispatched with two higher-seeded teams in Florida State and Virginia, there's no chance they will suddenly shrink back at the challenge. 

I suspect that this final game won't end up meaning much, though, as Florida State will likely crush Clemson when the two of them face off later today.

Either way, the ACC tournament just got a bit more interesting as a true underdog story comes to life in front of our very eyes.