Tiger Woods: 3 Things He Needs to Fix Before the U.S. Open

Daniel ZhuContributor IMay 25, 2012

Tiger Woods: 3 Things He Needs to Fix Before the U.S. Open

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    Ever since his redefining win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Tiger Woods has been struggling.

    We all thought that he'd be back after the victory but his poor performances later on proved us wrong. Woods finished T. 40 at the Masters and the Players, not to mention a missed cut at the Wells Fargo Championship as well.

    This is not how Tiger Woods performs, and with the U.S. Open looming around the corner, the former World No. 1 will have to clean up his act quickly if he is to have a chance at capturing his 15th major.

    So, here are a few things Tiger Woods needs to fix before teeing it up at the Olympic Club next month.

Improve His Putting

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    Tiger Woods' putter has gone cold on him the last few events he has played in.

    His balky putter is causing him to miss the putts he used to normally drain. Even the longer putts that used to lip in with Tiger-like fashion are now just grazing the edge and running by the hole.

    Woods has simply lost the feel with the putter.

    However, the flatstick will be essential at the U.S. Open next month. On a difficult course that requires players to grind it out each and every day, Tiger's putter will determine whether he is sticking close to the leaders, or if he's not even contending. 

Play Golf, Not Golf Swing

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    There are many golf analysts and reporters who say that Tiger Woods is playing "golf swing," instead of golf.

    He is going out there thinking about his swing, instead of how to hit the actual shot. Thus, to many it seems that he is very robotic at times.

    What Tiger needs to do is forget about the swing, and just play golf. He is a feel player after all, so thinking over all the techniques and mechanics won't help him.

    This is another key piece of his game that he needs to bring to the ball game. At a course like the Olympic Club, where the conditions will be tough, Woods will have to be focused on how to hit the shots that keep him out of trouble, instead of worrying about the swing.

Improve His Driving Accuracy

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    Tiger Woods hits the ball a long ways, but not necessarily straight all the time.

    However, when the U.S. Open comes around, Tiger will need to be able to keep the ball in the fairway, and give himself the right opportunities to score.

    On the last day of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Woods hit a lot of three woods and long irons off the tee, and consistently found the fairway.

    Unless he can hit his drives straighter with his driver, he'll have to revert back to his three wood and long irons to keep it in the short grass.