Why LSU Football Coach Les Miles Should Keep It Low Key in 2012

Sean MerrimanCorrespondent IMay 28, 2012

So I typed Les Miles' name into a Google search earlier today, and right below his school and Wikipedia bio pages, there is a website titled www.thequotablelesmiles.com.

Don't believe me? Click on it, check it out for yourself. The laughable website features more than 600 quotes from LSU's humorous head coach.

My personal favorite is a quote from Miles that came before the Tigers' 2008 SEC clash with Alabama.

"I don't read books," Miles said. "But if I read books, it would be like reading a book."

This is a prime example of one of Miles' many outrageous, laughable quotes, but not all are as light-hearted as this one. Just this past month, Miles was quoted as telling new SEC members Missouri and Texas A&M to "strap it up."

"They're going to really not enjoy their welcoming to this conference," said Miles, according to an article from the Sporting News.

Miles has also been very vocal about his plans to air it out in 2012 and how LSU will have a much-improved and very impressive passing game this season.

But the point here is that maybe instead of doing so much talking and stirring the pot with other teams in the SEC, Miles should just focus on his own team and let its playing speak for itself. Since arriving in Baton Rouge, LSU has posted a 75-18 record under Miles, which is a .806 winning percentage and is among the best of any college football coaches during that time period.


He has the team to back it up, the career record at LSU tells us that. So maybe it's best if Miles just kept it low-key in 2012.

Last season, people expected LSU to be good, but they didn't expect them to be the only BCS team to finish the regular season unbeaten. They didn't expect them to beat the likes of Oregon, Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia by a combined score of 132-60.

But as good as that team was, this 2012 team could be just as good, if not better. That means that there will be plenty of high expectations for this team, as several national publications have already listed the Tigers as the top team in the country heading into next season.

That's a lot of pressure on one team, and it probably doesn't help when you have a coach that is buying into all the hype. With a more relaxed, calmer Miles at the helm, chances are that this team could focus on just playing football and not worry about what quote from its head coach will appear on Youtube.com next.

So here is a challenge to you, Les Miles. Keep it low-key in 2012 and let's see what happens.

If it results in a second National Championship in six years, maybe www.thequotablelesmiles.com will move down the list on that next Google search.