New York Giants: 5 Things We've Learned This Offseason

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IIMay 25, 2012

New York Giants: 5 Things We've Learned This Offseason

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    There are always new things to learn, and we've learned five things about the New York Giants this offseason.

    Fresh off their Super Bowl win, they've remained focused and appear to have the right mindset heading into next season.

    The NFC East isn't going to get any easier next season, but this is a team that can win the division again next year.

The New York Giants Can Still Re-Sign Their Own

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    Some fans may have been disappointed after Kevin Boss and Dave Tollefson both bolted to the Oakand Raiders, but the New York Giants did a great job of bringing back Terrell Thomas and Domenik Hixon to the fold.

    Both of these re-signs will be huge for the Giants.

    Thomas was needed to help out a Giants secondary who had struggled throughout the season, and Hixon isn't only going to be helping out with the aerial attack, but he contributes on special teams as well. 

    Good to see the G-Men keep it in the family. 

Osi Umenyiora Will Never Learn

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    Apparently, Osi Umenyiora doesn't know that when you sign a contract, you can actually be held to it.

    He's signed on for another year, and I don't see why the New York Giants wouldn't let him play it out. Trading him for a draft pick now wouldn't be ideal, because if Justin Tuck or Jason Pierre-Paul go down, the G-Men are thin at defensive end at best. 

    Umenyiora has been a great Giant over the years, but he has absolutely no leverage here.

This Is Not a One and Done Football Team

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    Justin Tuck has been making that very clear this offseason.

    “Why wouldn’t I feel that way?’’ said Tuck. “I don’t need to be playing the game if I’m not thinking about winning the championship every year. I feel very confident in this team’s talent and this coaching staff and we have that shot. We do have a shot at it.’’

    I have to agree with him. Two Super Bowls in five years is absolutely amazing, but why stop there?

    This team can still compete at a very high level, and it's nice to know that a captain on the New York Giants realizes this, and has his eyes on the prize. 

The New York Giants Have Moved Away from Power Backs

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    Ahmad Bradshaw and David Wilson will likely be the New York Giants No. 1 and No. 2 running backs.

    No more Brandon Jacobs, and no more power backs for the Giants. Given the pace the G-Men can run on offense, I see this as a good thing. 

    When you look at the top backs in the league, you're not seeing a lot of players in the Jacobs mold—you're seeing quicker guys such as Ray Rice. 

    I'll love Jacobs for all the time he put in as a Giant, but this is a great time to move forward from that era and make a change. 

Eli Manning Is Who We Thought He Was

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    Eli Manning is still the same Eli. He beat one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in two Super Bowls...twice. 

    No crazy partying, no change in attitude—we still have the same, humble Manning. He's not going to let this get to his head, and he's going to remain focused on the larger overall picture.

    This picture involves more Super Bowl rings. I think the New York Giants have the right quarterback to make this happen. Not to mention, the right coach, organization, and personnel in place.