It Was Fantastic Until The End, The Way The Super Bowl Should Be

Logan Riley Contributor IFebruary 4, 2009

  I thought after last year's incredible Super Bowl, no one could top it, but near the end of the 4th Quarter, which saw two lead changes in the final three minutes, I stand corrected. I saw Kurt Warner do the unthinkable and nearly trump the Pittsburgh defense in the final three minutes. Nearing the final minute however, Ben Rothlisberger proved his weight in gold (as well as Mr. Holmes) and buried the birds with one last drive. I really felt both QB's were worthy of winning and when it came down to Rothlisberger, I kind of felt sorry for Warner who was so close to redeeming himself after that heartbreaker against New England in 2002. Rothlisberger himself has had a couple personal lows with his bike accident in 2005 that sort of stalled his career for a couple of years. Steeler fans can agree with me although I was rooting for the "Terrible Towels" that the Cardinals fought tooth and nail to claim the Lombardi, and for once Kurt Warner could focus on winning and not Matt Leinart who will now have the starting spot after Warner's official retirment. Rothlisberger connecting Holmes seemed symbolic to me as Ben who was a MAC QB connected with Santonio Holmes a BCS Big Ten WR from (in the immortal words of Mr. Holmes) "THE" Ohio State Universiy".