Rampage Jackson and Joe Rogan Resolve Their Feud

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IMay 24, 2012

UFC commentator Joe Rogan and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson appear to have ended their feud.

Prior to his bout with Ryan Bader at UFC 144, Jackson had criticised Rogan for showing favouritism towards Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners as opposed to strikers.

The Fear Factor host has stood by his actions claiming his commentary as being objective in order to help viewers understand what is happening over the duration of a bout and how fighters can improve their chances of winning. 

"I always want you to know that if I say anything, it's never out of disrespect. I like you, I always root for you and I think you're a great guy," Rogan told the former UFC light heavyweight champion.

Rogan has been labelled, along with his co-partner Mike Goldberg, as one of the best broadcast teams in the sport. They add a lot of energy and excitement to the broadcast, and Rogan delivers intelligent and insightful analysis on fighters.

But Rogan's commentary has been criticised by other fighters in the past, including former UFC welterweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes. Hughes didn't agree with Rogan's commentary regarding Jake Shields vs. Martin Kampmann at UFC 121.

It is understandable why some fighters and fans may not agree with Rogan's commentary, but he isn't trying to sway opinion. 

More often than not, Rogan doesn't make a mistake while commentating, and he has always encouraged fighters like Jackson to improve their game in order to become more successful in the Octagon.