Power Ranking the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Rookie Candidates

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterMay 25, 2012

Power Ranking the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Rookie Candidates

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    The famed Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders recently held their auditions and the girls who will attend DCC training camp this summer have been selected. The rookies chosen to attend training camp will be the focus of Season 7 of CMT's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

    The selected rookies were among the more than 400 women from all over the world who traveled to Cowboys Stadium on May 5th to audition for the squad. The potential rooks have some pretty big shoes to fill, considering DCC are losing some of their most high profile cheerleaders. 

    I've done my due diligence in researching the 2012 hopefuls as well as the dearly departing dames of the past. It's impossible to predict with any certainty who will make it and if any of these girls will be able to replace the likes of Kelsi Reich and Ashton Torres—but I've done my best. 

    Let's take a look at the top 35 rookies chosen to attend DCC training camp as well as six lovely ladies that nobody wants to say goodbye to.  

Goodbye: Ann Lux

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    Ann Lux was a two-year veteran of DCC who is ditching Dallas for Boston. Her future husband, Will Middlebrooks, is a minor league prospect for the Red Sox. 

    Read her goodbye blog here.

Goodbye: Sasha Agent

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    Sasha Agent is a two-year veteran of DCC who is leaving the squad to focus on her role as both a mom and a teacher. She's sad about leaving the squad, but the balancing act has proved to be a bit much for her. 

    Read her goodbye blog here.

Goodbye: Brittany Evans

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    Brittany Evans is a four-year veteran of DCC who is ready to say goodbye to the organization and focus on her career as a dance teacher. One of the things she'll miss most is having the opportunity to travel abroad to meet American troops overseas. 

    Read her goodbye blog here

Goodbye: Ally Traylor

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    Ally Traylor is a five-year veteran of DCC who is retiring from the team to focus on her journalism career, which she put on hold for the team. She's also going to be attending an awful lot of weddings this summer. 

    Read her goodbye blog here.

Goodbye: Ashton Torres

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    Ashton Torres is a three-year veteran of DCC who is leaving the team to focus on planning her upcoming wedding. Apparently she's got 10 bridesmaids participating in the wedding—that's going to be an adventure. 

    Read her goodbye blog here.

Goodbye: Kelsi Reich

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    Ms. Kelsi Reich, who is one of the most recognized cheerleaders in the NFL, is leaving DCC after four years with the team. She just graduated in December and is looking to land a job that puts her marketing degree to use—hopefully in sports.

    Read her goodbye blog here.

35. Karrisa Lynae

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    Name: Karrisa Lynae
    Text #5 to 88222 to vote for Karrisa!

    *Aww FB Comment: Now that's commitment coming back to chase a dream. Hope she makes it this time.
    *Eww FB Comment: Are those eyebrows drawn on with a magic marker? [Valid question]

    Her Chances: 50/50. She tried out last season and made it to training camp because she can make people cry, but she was a very bad dancer. 

34. Kayla Denise

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    Name: Kayla Denise
    Text #15 to 88222 to vote for Kayla!

    *Aww FB Comment: Love this girl. She was built small! Haters gonna hate
    *Eww FB Comment: omg too anorexic! you can see her knee bones! i don't know about ya'll, but these are the worst looking canidates i have seen in years! [People are just as unmerciful harassing people about being skinny as they are about people being fat. How about everyone worries about themselves?]

    Her Chances: Hard to say. She's certainly not going to win the audience vote and they are very particular about appearance—but she's got my vote.

33. Kelsey Lauren

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    Name: Kelsey Lauren
    Text #12 to 88222 to vote for Kelsey!

    *Aww FB Comment: Love your cheer gear you're so pretty :)
    *Eww FB Comment: Odd that she's wearing a watch. I thought no jewelry was allowed except DCC ring & earrings. And wedding rings. [This wasn't really "ew," just kind of strange]

    Her Chances: Not great. Apparently she's in her 30's, which isn't old, but it's pretty old to get a start in DCC. 

32. Sierra Ann

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    Name: Sierra Ann
    Text #6 to 88222 to vote for Sierra Ann!

    *Aww FB Comment: Considering she's still in HIGH SCHOOL, she's pretty much amazing! Love you Sierra!
    *Eww FB Comment: NO NO NO NO!!! GROSS!! [People like this need to find themselves a life that doesn't including trolling cheerleaders on the interwebs]

    Her Chances: Not good. She's a classic example of the girl who's "not ready" and will be sent home and told to come back the following year.

31. Amy Caroline

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    Name: Amy Caroline
    Text #49 to 88222 to vote for Amy!

    *Aww FB Comment: You are Amazing!!! Good luck #1 Cowboy fan in Vegas rootin for ya!
    *Eww FB Comment: nice body but I dont like her face [The face of the girl who left this wasn't anything to write home about either.]

    Her Chances: 50/50. Don't know much about her, so it's hard to tell at the moment. 

30. Casey Nicole

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    Name: Casey Nicole
    Text #22 to 88222 to vote for Casey!

    *Aww FB Comment: Amazing!!!!!! You are rocking that uniform!!!!!!!
    *Eww FB Comment: To big, not in a mean way, but they wont pick her unleess she sheds weigjt [I wish someone else would learn how to type—not in a mean way]

    Her Chances: 50/50. Comments were split on her, but obviously she's gorgeous. Could go either way if she's not an exceptional dancer.

29. Danielle Marie

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    Name: Danielle Marie
    Text #35 to 88222 to vote for Danielle!

    *Aww FB Comment: She makes me think of Judy Trammell with all that gorgeous hair! Love her!
    *Eww FB Comment: Ewww so ugly [What a d*ck]

    Her Chances: Apparently pretty good. She required much more of a makeover than most of the other girls, which means the coaches disliked a lot about her from the start. But, she's a veteran member of the Jets Flight Crew, so that'll give her a huge advantage over the newbs. 

28. Ashley Nicole

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    Name: Ashley Nicole
    Text #10 to 88222 to vote for Ashley!

    *Aww FB Comment: hope she has a permit to carry those guns
    *Eww FB Comment: her arms look weird...too many mucsles for a DCC

    Her Chances: She definitely has a slightly more athletic build than some of the other girls, but I think she's got a good shot.

27. Kristen Sherice

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    Name: Kristen Sherice
    Text #3 to 88222 to vote for Jordan!

    *Aww FB Comment: THAT'S MY LUCKY NUMBER!!!!:D your going to get in FOR sure!!!♥(:
    *Eww FB Comment: what is up with the teeth, kind of scary! [Seriously, dude?]

    Her Chances: I watch Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team every season and this looks like the kind of girl that those mean old ladies make cry and, ultimately, send home. Not good.

26. Meghan Jo

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    Name: Meghan Jo
    Text #23 to 88222 to vote for Meghan Jo!

    *Aww FB Comment: You can't get a better ambassador for your team. Incredible dancer, kind heart, compassionate soul, dedicated worker, beautiful person!
    *Eww FB Comment: Pretty lady I like her hair, needs to tone tummy [She'll hear much worse from their coaches and trainers]

    Her Chances: Not good at all. I watch the show and they are going to tell her she needs to lose weight and, even if she does, they'll cut her anyway.

25. Emma Ann

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    Name: Emma Ann
    Text #64 to 88222 to vote for Emma!

    *Aww FB Comment: you dudes couldn't pull that in your dreams. lighten up [So true. Kudos to the dude who spoke up]
    *Eww FB Comment: ok who let the ... out LOL this one goes to the niners!!! [Mike Wood had something like this to say about most of the girls. He sucks.]

    Her Chances: 50/50. Comments were pretty mixed with her, but if she can dance, she's got as good a shot as anyone.

24. Micki Le-Ling

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    Name: Micki Le-Ling
    Text #76 to 88222 to vote for Micki!

    *Aww FB Comment: Great pic this will be a yes
    *Eww FB Comment: butt ugly [WTF is wrong with people?]

    Her Chances: Not great. I love short hair on girls, but I can see that being a major problem with those coaches.

23. Alex Hermes

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    Name: Alex Hermes
    Text #19 to 88222 to vote for Alex!

    *Aww FB Comment: abs! heck yes. time to start finding the fitness model types to try and support the more healthy image
    *Eww FB Comment: What is that color....? Is that Snooki orange? LOL [Mean, but true]

    Her Chances: Not great. She looks ridiculously in shape, but they are going to take issue with that tan for sure. 

22. Carla Ann

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    Name: Carla Ann
    Text #62 to 88222 to vote for Carla!

    *Aww FB Comment: I most definitely could see her on TV or some other print if she doesn't make it as a Cowboys Cheerleader. She naturally "has it!!"
    *Eww FB Comment: Oh sista,baby got back! [A very old white man left this comment and it made me lol]

    Her Chances: 50/50. She's young and I don't think she's tried out before.

21. Laura Allison

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    Name: Laura Allison
    Text #57 to 88222 to vote for Laura!

    *Aww FB Comment: Who is this girl?!? By far the hottest one here!
    *Eww FB Comment: she wants it :D [No she doesn't]

    Her Chances: Not great. Commenters seemed to think she looks older than some of the other girls. She'll have to really impress the coaches with her moves if they think she looks old.

20. Carisa Rose

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    Name: Carisa Rose
    Text #66 to 88222 to vote for Carisa!

    *Aww FB Comment: Yayyyy!!!! DEFINITELY the best!!!!
    *Eww FB Comment: She looks like a female Miles Austin! [Is that bad? Miles Austin is crazy hot]

    Her Chances: 50/50. But she's by far and away one of my absolute favorites. 

19. Crystal Rae

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    Name: Crystal Rae
    Text #18 to 88222 to vote for Crystal!

    *Aww FB Comment: Absolutely stunning! My vote is YES!
    *Eww FB Comment: Common ["Jane" who left this comment was pretty "common" looking herself]

    Her Chances: 50/50. She's obviously pretty young, but she's got the look that they love in Dallas. 

18. Sarah Yvette

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    Name: Sarah Yvette
    Text #32 to 88222 to vote for Sarah!

    *Aww FB Comment: Ahhh you look beautiful!! I'm so happy for you:-) hope all goes well!!!
    *Eww FB Comment: no [That's the worst I could find]

    Her Chances: Very good. She's stunning and people seem to love her. 

17. Kim Nicole

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    Name: Kim Nicole
    Text #61 to 88222 to vote for Kim!

    *Aww FB Comment: Hot body! definitely belongs in Dallas!
    *HAHA FB Comment: She's wearing a belt? [Good point! Looks like those shorts will stay up on their own]

    Her Chances: Very good. She's stunning and exotic—they need to branch out from blonde. 

16. Jenna Lee

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    Name: Jenna Lee
    Text #60 to 88222 to vote for Jenna!

    *Aww FB Comment: Went through all of the pictures of girls on here and these girls dont stand a chance against you. You go girly
    *Eww FB Comment: She's gotta do something about that scar. Yikes! [Reply comment: She probably had surgery leave her alone… I concur, jag]

    Her Chances: Excellent. She's a former Falcons cheerleader and comes from a family of dancers. 

15. Tessa Christine

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    Name: Tessa Christine
    Text #7 to 88222 to vote for Tessa!

    *Aww FB Comment: got several votes from gabrielle and I tessa. we will miss seeing u on the colts squad !
    *Eww FB Comment: @Wayne, if you've ever seen those outfits in person (hanging on a hanger in the locker room) You would understand why they have to be SKINNY. I couldn't put my big toe in one of them! [Over-share, lady]

    Her Chances: Very good. Cheerleaders from other NFL teams have a huge leg up on the competition at training camp. 

14. Miranda Nicole

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    Name: Miranda Nicole
    Text #75 to 88222 to vote for Miranda!

    *Aww FB Comment: Miranda! Looking more BEAUTIFUL than ever. I don't care what any of these fools say ;) You are absolutely amazing!
    *Eww FB Comment: gross no [awesome reply comment: yo yall need to put some dudes up here for christopher cause he don't like woman]

    Her Chances: Pretty much a lock. She tried out last year and did well and she's already made it through the makeovers. 

13. Heather Ann

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    Name: Heather Ann
    Text #48 to 88222 to vote for Heather!

    *Aww FB Comment: Your beautiful I love red hair I wish I had it sometimes but I love being a blonde and it suites me well:)
    *Eww FB Comment: Looks old [Compared to who?]

    Her Chances: Pretty much a lock. She is a former Spurs dancer and the consensus seems to be that she'll breeze through training camp.

12. Olivia Rene

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    Name: Olivia Rene
    Text #44 to 88222 to vote for Olivia!

    *Aww FB Comment: One of the best dancers I have seen, radio city rockette too!
    *Eww FB Comment: Needs a chest. yes where is here chest? [The second comment came from a woman—a mean one]

    Her Chances: She's a lock. If the Rockette thing is true, she's obviously a great dancer and won't have any trouble mastering those kick lines. 

11. Kelly Janelle

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    Name: Kelly Janelle
    Text #24 to 88222 to vote for Kelly!

    *Aww FB Comment: GO KELLY!!! You SO totally deserve this! I know you've been working so hard for this and dreaming about it forever! It's finally at your reach and I know you can totally do this!!!
    *Eww FB Comment: meh [Sure, dude. You'd totally turn her down]

    Her Chances: Pretty good. She looks familiar, so she may have tried out in the past, but either way she'd be a perfect fit for the team. 

10. Kadie Ellen

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    Name: Kadie Ellen
    Text #53 to 88222 to vote for Kadie!

    *Aww FB Comment: Smokin Hot!!!! Natural body w/no surgery if you know what I mean!! [Um, I think we know what you mean]
    *Eww FB Comment: All these women are buck nasty. Never realized how much more real our Canadian girls look [Why are Canadians such jerks?]

    Her Chances: Pretty good. Her body is perfection. I can't imagine they'll part ways with this one. 

9. Paige Alexandra

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    Name: Paige Alexandra
    Text #32 to 88222 to vote for Paige!

    *Aww FB Comment: went to high school with this girl!! she is gorgeous and definitely deserves a spot!
    *Eww FB Comment: I would vote for Paige but I asked her to accept my friend request, twice and she never would. What goes around comes around. [What a creeper]

    Her Chances: If she can dance, she's a lock. She looks like she was born to be a Cowboys cheerleader.

8. Miho

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    Name: Miho
    Text #26 to 88222 to vote for Miho!

    *Aww FB Comment: Exotic touch for Dallas Cowboys. I vote Yes ! Kisses from France
    *Eww FB Comment: Schwing! [This was pretty much the least offensive thing I could find]

    Her Chances: Pretty good. She's absolutely stunning so, assuming she can dance, I bet she makes it.

7. Kali Nicole

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    Name: Kali Nicole
    Text #29 to 88222 to vote for Kali!

    *Aww FB Comment: Woah. She looks like Jessica Simpson.
    *HAHA FB Comment: Guys please...don't ever mention Jessica Simpson when dealing with Cowboys business. It went bad the first time, let's make sure it was the last!!

    Her Chances: Excellent. This girl is Dallas personified. 

6. Jasmine Raphella

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    Name: Jasmine Raphella
    Text #9 to 88222 to vote for Jasmine!

    *Aww FB Comment: Jasmine u look gorgeous!! Love u girl-good luck! xo
    *Eww FB Comment: looks like tampa bay material! [What does that even mean?]

    Her Chances: I've been assure she's a lock. But, I think they'd be crazy not to take her, which means she probably won't make it.

5. Megan Marie

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    Name: Megan Marie
    Text #38 to 88222 to vote for Megan!

    *Aww FB Comment: Hands down the prettiest!
    *Eww FB Comment: too skinny [Literally the worst comment]

    Her Chances: Total lock. If she's doesn't fall on her face, people will mutiny if they eliminate this one.

4. Jennifer Alexis

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    Name: Jennifer Alexis
    Text #11 to 88222 to vote for Jennifer!

    *Aww FB Comment: I have the privilege of calling this beautiful woman my friend. She's GORGEOUS talented and super sweet :) so nice shes #1 twice ♥
    *Eww FB Comment: she's just ok [Naturally the guy who said this is a total loser]

    Her Chances: Excellent. Well, that's assuming they love her as much as the commenters do. She had almost no negative comments at all.

3. Rachel Le-Ann

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    Name: Rachel Le-Ann
    Text #69 to 88222 to vote for Rachel!

    *Aww FB Comment: I am very excited for you!!!! I am your biggest fan and I know you will make it!
    *Eww FB Comment: do the drapes match the curtains? [Ew, dude. Ew!]

    Her Chances: Pretty much a lock. People are straight up obsessed with this girl and the DCC could use a little more color—specifically red.

2. Kinzie Ryanne

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    Name: Kinzie Ryanne
    Text #5 to 88222 to vote for Kinzie!

    *Aww FB Comment: beautiful, amazing dancer, and one of the nicest girls ive ever met.
    *Eww FB Comment: W>O>W>!!!! Cha-ching!! [What does that even mean?]

    Her Chances: She's a lock. People are absolutely in love with this girl and if she gets even half that reaction at training camp, there's no chance she doesn't make it.

(TIE) 1. Milly Esther

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    Name: Milly Esther
    Text #30 to 88222 to vote for Milly!

    *Aww FB Comment: Awesome cheerleader & dancer. I live in Tampa & saw her perform many times. You go girl!!!
    *Eww FB Comment: Arm veins are so hot right now.

    Her Chances: This former Buccaneers cheerleader is an absolute lock. 

(TIE) 1. Jordan Elizabeth

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    Name: Jordan Elizabeth
    Text #39 to 88222 to vote for Jordan!

    *Aww FB Comment: Jordan....you are an inspiration....you've got this thing!
    *Eww FB Comment: You would look nice in uniform with the boots on! [I know it's not that bad, it just sounds weird]

    Her Chances: Judging by the comments, she is definitely one of the most popular potential rookies. She's a lock if she's got the moves.