WWE: How Eve Is Perfect Example of Using Sex Appeal the Right Way

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 28, 2012

WWE Diva Eve Torres' new role as Executive Administrator of Raw and SmackDown is an ideal fit.

While she wasn't the worst female wrestler ever employed by WWE, her ring skills weren't going to earn her any five-star matches. She is another in the succession of women chosen for a wrestling role primarily because of her looks. 

Understandably, wrestling has long tried to aid ticket sales with sex appeal. With the Nitro Girls, Bra and Panties Matches or Jerry Lawler drooling over "puppies," these attempts often felt cheap and trashy.  

WWE's demographic has been dominated by males, but alienating women all together is unwise. Our wives, girlfriends and sisters are sure to be put off by such blatant sexual overtures.  

Subtlety has never been WWE's forté, but their recent handling of Eve has been perfect.   

Eve's beauty is on full display now and is a big part of her appeal, but it's not over the top.  

She's not doing booty pops anymore.

Her new character is a merciless power monger that we love to hate. She has depth and is generating strong heat.

It doesn't hurt to have her wearing tight dresses and pulling of the sexy librarian look. Eve doesn't have to degrade herself while harnessing the power of her curves.

Perhaps the WWE can now look to find a spot for Kelly Kelly that takes her out of the ring, but still makes full use of her good looks.   

Eve's charisma and stage presence is beginning to make David Otunga obsolete. She is thriving as a villain and should be kept in this role as long as possible.