Which Is the Greatest Super Bowl Ever?

Football Maniaxs@@FantasymaniaxsSenior Writer IFebruary 4, 2009

By Derek Lofland

People will be quick to proclaim this (XLIII) the greatest Super Bowl ever. You can’t just name every Super Bowl decided by less than seven points the greatest Super Bowl ever.  

To me great Super Bowls not only have to be exciting, but historically significant to be called great. A situation where a few plays going differently might have altered the course of NFL History. The five greatest Super Bowls to me in chronological order are as follows:

a) Super Bowl XIII - Pittsburgh 35 vs. Dallas 31 – Not only did it decide the team of the 1970’s, but it featured Hall of Fame Head Coaches, quarterbacks, and running backs for each team. A total of 17 Hall of Famers participated in the game. It was a great game the whole way. Dallas is still the only team to score 30 or more points in a Super Bowl and still lose.

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