NBA Playoffs 2012 Eastern Conference Breakdown by JR Sport Brief: BR5

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JR, from JR Sport Brief recently stopped by the BR5 studios to talk some basketball with our very own Desi Sanchez. JR is a man who's turned his love of sports and Internet into a full-fledged online sports brand of his own, JR Sport Brief.

He got his start at Vibe magazine at the age of 17 in marketing in events, and he hasn't looked back since. He helped build the online relationship show, Man and Wife, and watched it become the first podcast to go straight from the web to MTV. JR has also helped develop online strategies for music icon DJ Grandmaster Flash, as well as in-game entertainment for Madison Square Garden.

When he's not working, which is rare, he likes traveling, attending sporting events and hanging out with us, talking about his true love: sports.

Being that it's NBA playoffs, JR had a lot on his mind, and he's never one to not share. First, he touches on the Boston Celtics-Philadelphia 76ers series and weighs in on the ugliness of the play. He also takes time to weigh in on the ugliness of Allen Iverson's outfit for the game and manages to get in a reference to Kriss Kross.

JR follows that by talking about the Heat-Pacers suspensions, and wonders if there will be anyone left to play.

Next up was the big basketball news item of the day, Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq has been rumored to be a candidate for the open Orlando Magic GM job, and JR pointed out that the man can't even wear pants when on TNT, so maybe general manager for a major NBA team isn't for him. 

Given JR's irreverent take on all things sports, we're sure he'll be visiting us again very soon.


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