Probable All-Stars of the Lost Angels of Anaheim

Wes Murry@wamurryContributor IIIMay 24, 2012

Probable All-Stars of the Lost Angels of Anaheim

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    The Los Angeles Angels are lost.  They have Albert Pujols as their first baseman and he's only hit four homers.  They have a kick-ass rotation led by Jered Weaver.  They have their bullpen with Ernesto Frieri and Scott Downs.  But they will not be able to make the playoffs because of the Texas Rangers and the monster season of Josh Hamilton, and because the wild-card teams will likely be from the AL East (Orioles, Rays and Yankees).

    Angels fans should not worry too much: They have a handful of players who should all make the All-Star team.  Please view the slideshow; you'll feel less depressed.

Mike Trout (OF)

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    Dr. Speed, as he should be called, is not actually a fish—evidenced by the success he has had on land.

    This success should land him a spot on the All-Star team.  He has batted .315/.382/.539 (AVG/OBP/SLG) and hit four home runs and stolen 10 bases, only being thrown out once.

    He has done all this in just 23 games and 89 at-bats.  At just 20 years old, he will be the Angels' leadoff man for at least the next decade.

Jered Weaver (SP)

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    Jered Weaver no-hit the Minnesota Twins earlier this year, a feat which is equivalent to six-hitting the Padres.

    He is 6-1 with a 2.61/0.90/.190 line (ERA/WHIP/BAA) and has struck out 57 batters.  His velocity is decreasing, but he is still extremely dominant.  He'll likely heat up as the All-Star Game gets closer.

Mark Trumbo (3B)

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    Mark Trumbo hits hard.  Almost as hard as Albert Pujols should be hitting.

    Trumbo hasn't been bad switching to third base.  Recently, with the injury of Vernon Wells and Torii Hunter being away from baseball to deal with family issues, Trumbo has been able to play in the outfield, giving him time to focus on swinging a bat instead of worrying about fielding grounders.

    He has six homers with 19 RBI and a .325/.388/.556 line.  Trumbo's power has declined recently (he hasn't hit a homer in the last 12 games), but he has gotten on base plenty.  When the All-Star Game arrives Trumbo should have at least a dozen homers.

C.J. Wilson (SP)

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    The So-Cal native's return to So-Cal has been impressive.

    He has struck out 54 batters and is 5-4 with a 2.90/1.15/.190 line.  His dominant performances keep stacking up, and Wilson might end up with a better record than Weaver this year.  He will likely join Weaver as a starting pitcher representative to the All-Star Game.

Scott Downs (RP)

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    There isn't much to say about a pitcher who hasn't given up any runs.

    He has saved three games and given up just five hits this year.  His line of 0.00/0.85/1.74 is pretty damn good.  Scott Downs should be an All-Star because he is one of the most reliable relievers in all of baseball.

Ernesto Frieri (RP)

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    Ernesto Frieri has not given up a single run in his nine games with the Angels and has struck out a whopping 19 batters in just 8.2 innings.

    Combined stats with the Padres and the Angels read: 1-0 and 1.33/0.93/.130.  If he is not an All-Star it is because the managers who vote for the pitchers are stupid, or because Frieri is dead.

    He will probably be the Angels closer for many years to come and should see a lot of All-Star Games if he pitches every year like this.