Frigo No.1 Athletic Underwear Review for BR5 Tries Stuff:

BR5Daily ShowMay 24, 2012

Welcome to BR5, your daily source for sport and pop culture news.

BR5 has been doing reviews for the past few months, but now we are going to make it a weekly segment that we are calling, "BR5 Tries Stuff!" We will try a whole slew of sports-related products, shows and anything that we think you might like.

We all know that playing sports is a big part of many of our viewers lifestyles, so we decided to have our correspondent, Weston Green, try out the newest in sport athletic wear.

We got a pair of $100 athletic underwear from a Swedish company, Frigo. They sent us their top pair, No. 1, and we had Weston run around a New York City park to see how they held up to city life. 

Weston ran, stretched, danced, played ball, read and even ate a hot dog all while donning the Frigo No 1. We thought that onlookers would be concerned about a man running around in athletic underwear, but in typical New York style, no one seemed to notice.

Overall, Weston was pleasantly surprised with the pair and ended up giving it 4 of his "Westies." 

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