Dancing Donald Driver Rumored out in Green Bay: BR5

BR5Daily ShowMay 24, 2012

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Donald Driver might be the Dancing with the Stars champion, but he may have to dance his way back into the Green Bay Packers' roster. For most of this year, Driver’s status on the team has been widely debated. Known as one of the toughest receivers in the game, Driver has put up consistent numbers, often posting 1,000-yard seasons, solidifying his place as one of Green Bay’s all-time leading receivers.

But now, entering his 13th season, the aging receiver is quickly dropping on the depth chart, making it hard for Green Bay to justify paying the veteran a hefty salary at this point in his career. Most think the only way Driver will be able to stay on is at a vastly reduced salary.

The fact that Driver may not be involved with the Pack next year is a shame, as he’s a popular player and now riding high off his Dancing with the Stars win. Driver has also gone on record saying he’s a Packer for life, but skipping a portion of the Packers’ offseason program for a reality show is not helping his chances of returning.

Driver compared winning Dancing with the Stars to winning a Super Bowl, and judging by his celebration dance after being crowned, we believe him. Had that happened on the gridiron, Driver would likely be flagged with a 15-yard penalty!

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