Arizona Will Be Sporting Copper Helmets at Some Point in 2012

Adam Kramer@kegsneggsNational College Football Lead WriterMay 24, 2012

Image Via Arizona Daily Star
Image Via Arizona Daily Star

With Rich Rodriguez at the helm, Arizona is looking to make a splash that stretches well beyond the coach’s offensive system.

The school has sent out "WANTED," Wild West-themed recruiting fliers, and will now be trying out a new kind of headgear that will hopefully provide some buzz for a program in need of a marketing overhaul.

For those of us who have wondered what a copper helmet would look like on the football field (though I have no idea why any of us would), the wait will soon be over. 

This, courtesy of the Arizona Daily Star:

The Wildcats will wear copper helmets as part of an alternate uniform, athletic director Greg Byrne told the Star tonight.

Byrne wouldn’t say when the UA will debut the new look, only that copper is “an option going forward.” Nike will likely produce a special uniform to wear with the new helmet.

It can’t hurt, really. And I have no problem with coaches, suits and programs trying out something new to generate some excitement.

The players seem to genuinely enjoy it and it plays absolutely no role in anything beyond the important thumbs-up, thumbs-down conversation. As long as things don’t take a Medieval Times, Maryland-type turn, I have no issues with a team trying out something new for one game.

After all, it is only one game.