Dwyane Wade and the NBA's Biggest Prima Donnas

Matt Shetler@@buccos12Correspondent IMay 24, 2012

Dwyane Wade and the NBA's Biggest Prima Donnas

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    The NBA is not only filled with the best athletes on the planet, but also some of the biggest prima donnas as well.

    If your looking for drama, complaining and crying, forget network television as the average NBA game gives fans everything they need.

    Great players also like to grab the attention. If it is not as a result of their play, they will grab attention with their high-maintenance, diva-like behavior. Sadly, it often seems that being vain, temperamental and conceited goes right along with being a superstar.

    With that being said, here's a look at the biggest prima donna's in the NBA today.

10. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

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    I often think as Bryant as a great leader, but he is a bit of a prima donna as well, as he is one of the most high-maintenance stars in the game.

    On the court, Kobe gets his share of contact, but whines and complains enough to get his share of calls.

    Off the court he hogs the camera, granted he is a player in demand from the media, but no matter what the topic is, Bryant will have an opinion on it.

    I'm sure we will get to see a lot of him in the offseason as he tries to play general manager and lets everyone know what moves the Lakers should make.

9. J.R. Smith, New York Knicks

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    Smith is an attention grabber.

    It does not matter if he is chucking up bad shot after bad shot during the game or bringing attention to himself on Twitter.

    Whether it is being at constant odds with coaches or officials, or running off at the mouth, Smith is one player that simply just cannot go out and play the game without drawing attention to himself.

8. Lamar Odom, Dallas Mavericks

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    Odom was not happy with being traded in the preseason in the nixed Chris Paul trade, then he was not happy with being traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

    All Odom did since his departure from the Los Angeles Lakers is express his unhappiness and severely underachieve on the court, averaging a mere 6.6 points and 4.2 rebounds per game.

    He had some personal issues to deal with, but handled himself like a complete crybaby during the season, to the point where the Dallas Mavericks put him on the inactive list for the last nine games of the regular season and the playoffs.

7. Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks

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    Melo underachieved big time up until the month of April and all he did was tank it until he got former head coach Mike D'Antoni out of the Big Apple.

    As soon as he admitted that he tries harder under Mike Woodson, Anthony deserved a spot on this list.

    He's also the type of player to shift blame for the teams struggles off his shoulders and focus them on other areas.

    Melo is the NBA's best pure-scorer, but also one of the game's top prima donnas as well.

6. DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings

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    Speaking of coach killers and crybabies, Cousins certainly fits the bill as a prima donna.

    For a guy that's been in the NBA for only two seasons and accomplished nothing, Cousins sure likes to cause drama.

    He got Paul Westphal fired, routinely complains about everything and while he has put up good numbers (18.1 PPG, 11.0 RPG), the reality is that Cousins has not won a thing in the NBA and should work on keeping his mouth shut until he does.

5. Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers

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    For a guy that likes to posterize the opposition with highlight thunderous dunks, Griffin sure does not like it when the he is not the one dishing out the punishment.

    The constant flopping and whining about calls got real old, real quick and has earned Griffin a spot in the top five prima donnas in the league.

4. Andrew Bynum, Los Angeles Lakers

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    It would not be a normal week in the NBA without Bynum doing something stupid to draw attention to himself.

    He is such a gifted player, but also the NBA's most immature one as well.

    Seven years after drafting him, the Lakers are still waiting for Bynum to grow up.

    There was the immature behavior after ejections, the refusal to join team huddles, the nonsense with the three-point shots and his lack of focus when he is not getting the ball enough.

    The sad part is all of that happened within a two-week span.

    Bynum may have a great future ahead of him, but if he does not grow up, his future will be as one of the top prima donnas in the game.

3. LeBron James, Miami Heat

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    Sure LeBron is the best player in the game, but he also has the tendency to be one of the NBA's biggest whiners.

    The flopping in the Knicks series was nothing short of embarrassing and if LBJ gets whistled for a foul, you can bet he will cry and complain about the call.

    He is a guy that can't stand not to be liked, so he has to make sure people are talking about him no matter what.

    Off the court it does not matter if it was "The Decision," his battles with Kendrick Perkins on Twitter, or everything in between, he is a guy that just handles everything in the worst way possible.

    He gets defensive when people criticize him and loves to play the victim card. especially earlier in the season when he said to ESPN's Brian Windhorst:

    I'm an easy target; if someone wants to get a point across—just throw LeBron's name in there. You could be watching cartoons with your kids and you don't like it, you say, 'Blame it on LeBron.' If you go to the grocery store and they don't have the milk that you like, you just say, 'It's LeBron's fault.

    James is a great human being, but his actions on and off the court make it seem at times like he is bigger than the game.

    He gets the benefit of a lot of calls, but if LeBron cut out all of the acting and flopping then James would not be one of the NBA's top divas.

2. Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic

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    Has there ever been a bigger crybaby in the NBA?

    Howard made a mockery of the Orlando Magic organization with his on-again, off-again trade demands and the complete way he handled his entire situation.

    Here is a guy that probably cannot decide what to eat for dinner and that showed as he became one of the biggest prima donnas in the NBA.

    He wants to be a leader but has never won a thing and is a liability during fourth quarters.

    Yet Howard parades himself around as something better than he really is.

    He is a great player, but with his demands and the way he acted, especially on the bench when the Magic were getting blown out in New York, Howard made the transition from a  popular player to one of the top prima donnas in the game today.

1. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

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    Wade's a guy that should just shut up.

    Was Wade always this big of a prima donna or did it just get worse when LeBron came to town.

    He does not like getting hit, but likes to dish out his share of body-checks and physical play throughout the course of a game.

    He took exception with the way the Pacers celebrated after a Game 2 win, but who could forget Wade's ridiculous celebrations in Game 5 against Boston last year or his premature celebration in the finals against Dallas.

    More importantly there was the ridiculous "Welcome Party" celebration when LeBron and Chris Bosh signed with the Heat.

    That's all fine and dandy, but not if you take exception when another team celebrates winning a game.

    Pot meet kettle.

    Before 2010, Wade was a fun-loving marketable guy, but now he has arguably become one of the league's biggest prima donnas and a sore loser.

    Last year he complained when Miami got off to a slow start, "The world is better now since the Heat is losing."

    Cry me a river.

    Then during the Finals, he mocked Dallas' Dirk Nowitzki by fake coughing and joking with LeBron after Nowitzki was battling the flu during one of the games.

    Way to stay classy. I'm sure he is just the guy kids should look up to.

    Now comes this ridiculous comment from Wade. Maybe someone should have reminded him that if he could make a layup in the final minute, the Pacers would not have had anything to celebrate at all.

    Maybe one day Wade will get back to being the old Dwyane Wade. I miss that guy.

    Otherwise, he will have to settle for being the biggest prima donna in the NBA today.