New Jersey Devils Find Someone To Take Sheldon Brookbank

JerseySenior Analyst IFebruary 4, 2009

The Devils had thirteen forwards, seven defensemen, and Sheldon Brookbank.

Brookbank began the year as an oft-scratched defenseman. Following some costly injuries, he was turned into a forward (where he actually played better), and soon enough became an oft-scratched forward.

In other words, the man is useless.

He's one spot BEHIND two other benched players. He'd only play if either two forwards or two defensemen got hurt. There was no way this guy would get any minutes. And there's a good reason for it—as much as Lou Lamoriello will sugar coat it, Brookbank simply isn't any good.

I don't know why the Devils re-signed him this offseason, especially for two years. But they managed to find a taker for his services: the Anaheim Ducks.

Apparently, the Ducks felt they needed a crappy defenseman-turned-forward, and were willing to part with a prospect to get him. So the Devils cleared a roster spot (good), a bit of cap space (also good) and got a prospect in return (good, good, good). And all they gave up was Brookbank. Who sucks anyway, and wasn't going to play.

The guy they got in return is David McIntyre. He's currently leading his college team in scoring, which is a nice bonus. He may never amount to much, or he may be a decent player some day. But that doesn't matter. Sheldon Brookbank is gone, and that's what counts. McIntyre is just gravy.