Russian Soccer Video: Vadim Evseev Subbed by 5-Year-Old Son in Final Game

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One man retires from a sport he loves, and his son takes his place on the pitch.

Only, his son is five years old. 

Update: Thursday, May 24th at 3:43 p.m. ET

Or is it? 

It seems Big Lead Sports and ourselves may have the wrong details on this story. Thanks to Sean Fay over at Yahoo Sports Eurosport for the details. 

Evseev was replaced by what must be one of the youngest ever players to play with professional footballers, five-year-old Khrisan Dzeus...

Young Dzeus was given the opportunity to play in the game by Evseev as a thank you to the child's father, who is the CEO of a Russian children's charity that often holds football camps.

It doesn't make this video any less adorable. 

End of Update

Here is a video taken from the files of the cute and adorable. Big Lead Sports reports on a video that includes Russian International footballer Vadim Evseev, who played his last game and waved to the fans as he came off the pitch for the final time. 

There isn't much information regarding this game that I could find in English print, but I welcome any that you readers might have. 

It seems that the game was well in hand in the 67th minute when Evseev came off. That's when both teams played the good sport and allowed a little kid, Evseev's son, to come on and play up front. 

Time continued to run as the masterful wunderkind bobbed and weaved through the softest defense imaginable. 

In all seriousness, though, props to the opposition who not only played along, they went the extra mile to make this kid feel like he is the second coming of Lionel Messi. One player looked to give some semblance of a slide tackle, and the goalie leaped like Petr Cech, trying to parry a masterful save. 

But it was all for not, as the five-year-old kicked home the world's slowest ball in the world. 

Evseev was ear-to-ear watching the moment unfold. I have to admit, I chuckled throughout the brilliant video, too. 

Now get this kid to the academy, stat. 

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