NBA All-Star Weekend to Play Some HORSE

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IFebruary 3, 2009


Who doesn't love a good game of horse? I for one always do and so do NBA players. We have have seen the YouTube of Gilbert Arenas in a shooting contest while at practice, and we have heard stories of NBA players laying down some big money in shooting competitions after practice.

So what better way to harness that excitement and bring it to NBA All-Star Weekend. This year on Saturday night, a group of NBA players will play a winner take all game of Horse.

The game will take place on a 45' X 50’ court alongside the network's new NBA on TNT Rig at the NBA All-Star Block Party, the NBA's new outdoor All-Star event. Calling the action will be Ernie Johnson, along with analysts Kenny Smith and Chris Webber.

The game will use a traditional format in which three players will establish the playing order. Once a shot is made, the next player in the predetermined order will attempt the same shot. You all know how the game goes, so no need to explain the rules here.

An NBA referee will be assigned to authenticate the new shots (that the player executed what he announced) and any mimic shot.

Check back soon and we will post the contestants to this contest once they are announced.


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