LA Kings Give Jell-O Encased Tickets to Rainn Wilson of 'The Office': BR5

BR5Daily ShowMay 23, 2012

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It seems like a distant memory when the LA Kings were serious NHL contenders, but in recent years that other LA team has been quietly building a legitimate hockey powerhouse. It seems that sleeping monster has finally awoke this season, with the Kings barnstorming their way through the NHL playoffs. With their stunning overtime win last night over the Phoenix Coyotes, the Kings have won 8 straight playoff road games, an NHL record.

While an LA Lakers game is a veritable casting call of celebrities and Hollywood elite, their Staples Center co-tenants receive a slightly less high profile turnout to their games. But, now that the Kings are riding high again, the celebs start jumping onboard just like any other hip trend in tinsel town.  The Kings may have had to give tickets away several years ago, but now celebrities are asking them for seats. The Office’s Rainn Wilson recently tweeted at the Kings how he’d never been to a hockey game, and asked if it was worth getting some tickets. The Kings obliged Rainn by not only giving him tickets, but having Luc Robitaille hand deliver them encased in a mold of jello. Robitaille happens to be one of the LA Kings biggest former stars, and is currently an exec within the organization. And the mold of Jello, you might ask? Well, that’s a nod to Rainn’s  “The Office” character Dwight Shrute, in which he receives his stapler encased in jello. It seems the LA Kings not only like winning, but they like having a sense of humor doing it too.