WWE's Lost Art: Where Has All the Logic Gone?

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIMay 23, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Logic is a very broad term, but it’s one that those within the WWE apparently don’t understand.

Although the basis of any good feud, rivalry or storyline is indeed logic, the creative team often takes that logic, crumples it up into a little ball and then throws it out the window. 

The days when the WWE’s booking actually made sense are long gone, and for the most part, the week-by-week or day-by-day booking has resulted in a product that contains logic holes on just about every TV episode. 

We were given a painful reminder of this on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw when John Laurinaitis said that he had re-hired Big Show on Saturday, which technically would have meant that Show had to be fired again on Sunday night. 

The colossal logic hole set off a firestorm of criticism on social networking sites, and although Michael Cole covered up the mistake later in the show, this was yet another prime example of the WWE’s utter lack of logic. 

This has become perhaps the WWE’s biggest problem because when storylines don’t make sense or things happen without explanation, people will notice. 

There is a long list of things that have happened over the last two years or so that just flat-out lacked any logic whatsoever. 

Let’s take a look at some of them: 

The Anonymous Raw GM

A laptop computer ran Raw for about a year, and though this wouldn’t have been that bad if we actually found out who was behind the laptop, we never did. 

Thus, we’re left to assume that a machine ran the flagship show of a multi-million dollar company. 


Zack Ryder vs. Eve Torres

There was no closure to this storyline—Eve and Ryder just went their separate ways. 

Wouldn’t you think that Ryder would want some revenge on both Eve and Kane

Kane broke his heart, and Eve broke his back, yet nothing ever resulted from either of these things. And no, that pre-show Over the Limit match doesn’t count. 

The WWE’s Confusing Power Struggle 

You’ve got Vince McMahon as the Chairman of the WWE, Triple H as the COO, John Laurinaitis as Raw and SmackDown GM and then the Board of Directors. 

OK, so who’s in control of what? Who has the final say on hirings, firings and the booking of matches? 

How can Triple H fire Vince and replace him, and then Vince later reveals that Triple H has been relieved of his duties running Raw and SmackDown? 

If you can explain this, you’re a better man than me. 

The Walkout Angle

This whole thing was a joke. Why walk out on Raw but not on SmackDown if Triple H controls both shows? 

Paul Bearer In the Freezer

Paul Bearer showed up on one TV show during Kane’s feud with Orton, only to be put in the freezer by Orton and then wheeled back in by Kane. 

Are we supposed to believe that Bearer comes to every show, or are we supposed think that he showed up only so Orton could put him in the freezer? 

Whoops. There I go asking logical questions again.

Michael Cole’s Switch to Supporting Daniel Bryan

I get that Cole is a heel and Bryan is now, too, but Cole used to absolutely bash Bryan when he was a baby face. 

So, now that Bryan’s a heel, Cole loves him? Weird. 

Sheamus Loses Battle Royal to Hornswoggle and Then Wins Royal Rumble

Sheamus couldn’t beat a midget leprechaun in an over-the-top rope battle royal, but he could outlast 29 other stars in the Royal Rumble. 

Someone explain that one to me. 

Nexus Buries Undertaker Alive 

Remember when the Nexus helped Kane beat The Undertaker at Bragging Rights 2010 in that Buried Alive Match? 

Where’d that storyline go? Was there any follow-up on it? Of course not. 

The Countless “Fired” Superstars Who Show Up Anyway

Big Show, John Cena, R-Truth, The Miz and others were all fired at some point over the last couple of years. 

The connection between them all? They showed up while fired anyway. 

My Take 

To be 100 percent honest, I could go on and on all day about all of the WWE’s storylines that featured little to no logic. 

All of those just popped up into my head without me even having to do any research on this topic, which obviously isn’t a good sign for the WWE. 

While I’m not going to pretend like the WWE doesn’t come up with good storylines or that none of them make sense, the bottom line is that so many of them lack logic, and most of these are major storylines. 

I get that I’m watching a scripted TV show and that professional wrestling is a little ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean I want to watch angles and stories that have glaring logic holes and/or do not seem reasonable. 

The best storylines do just that: tell a story. But when the plot of your story changes so many times throughout, it’s hard to follow and even harder to get into. 

While wrestling fans understand that some storylines will be so over-the-top that they almost can’t be logical, we also understand that logic should be the basis of most angles we see on Raw and SmackDown. 

If something isn’t logical, then the WWE shouldn’t put it on TV. But that often doesn’t happen. 

And this all stems from the WWE’s biggest problem: a lack of long-term planning. 

When storylines are planned out well in advance, it’s much easier to book them each week. When you have no idea what’s going to happen with a feud four weeks from now, though, it makes it much more difficult to book the show this week and the next. 

Long-term planning equals easier booking equals more logic—that’s the WWE’s winning formula.

Drake Oz is the WWE Lead Writer for Bleacher Report. You can follow him on Twitter and ask him any wrestling-related questions (to be answered in the B/R Mailbag) on Formspring.


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