Baltimore Orioles: Who is Going to Lead?

Christopher GallagherContributor IFebruary 3, 2009

Who is going to become the vocal leader in the club house this year? 

To me the definition of a leader in baseball is someone that has been with an organization for a long time and has the respect of the ball club.  He is someone that can challenge players and not afraid to speak his mind. 

Kevin Millar was the person that kept the Orioles cool in the club house last year.  He was the one behind the remake of the Orioles Magic song. 

With the signing of Ty Wiggington, this signals that the O’s have no interest in bringing back Kevin Millar. 

Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts are quiet leaders in the clubhouse.  They go about their business and set good examples to the other players.  They are not vocal leaders.

Aubrey Huff hasn’t been with the Orioles long enough to be a leader on the team. 

Melvin Mora should step up more in the loss of Millar.  Jay Payton and Mora feuded all last year.  He has been with the organization since 2000.  If he wants his option picked up in 2010 he is going to have to have a good year

Adam Jones will one day be a leader on this club.  He is just too young right now.  He has the charisma and is a very vocal player.

Greg Zaun makes his return to the Orioles.  He was drafted by the Orioles in the 18th round in the 1989.  He has been known to be a leader in the clubhouse with the Blue Jays. 

I want to know what you think about this question...