Report: Jerry Sloan Interested in Making Return to Coaching in the NBA

Karthik TadisinaSenior Writer IMay 23, 2012

Jerry Sloan.
Jerry Sloan.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Could the NBA see Hall of Famer Jerry Sloan pacing the sidelines with a team other than the Utah Jazz?

It would be interesting to see the 70-year-old Sloan coaching again after resigning from the Utah Jazz in February 2011 after 23 seasons with the organization.

The most interesting thing to watch for would be how Sloan handles the egos of the new generation of players no matter where he becomes a potential coaching candidate.

One reason that he was not all that happy during his last season in Utah was reportedly due to ownership undermining him in his relationship with point guard Deron Williams. This almost seems to be the norm going forward throughout the league, which puts the coach’s job on the line.

During his coaching tenure in Utah, Sloan was known for his “no nonsense” style and had two solid veterans (now Hall of Famers) in John Stockton and Karl Malone, who went on to set their marks in NBA history.

The key was that both Stockton and Malone wanted to win and were willing to work hard for it as well as leading their teammates along the way.

If he does become a serious candidate in Orlando, how long will he put up with Dwight Howard’s pouting (assuming that Howard is on board for the long-term)?

Maybe Sloan could look elsewhere for a coaching position where he is around more veteran players looking to make one final push for a possible championship. 

If Sloan is offered a head coaching position, it would bring back the “old school” way of doing things. That would most likely mean hard practices, strategic play-calling and nothing but the truth between Sloan and his players.

It would be a great thing for the NBA as it would show that the “old school” mode of coaching is still alive and present.